Why Get a BA in Philosophy from Barry?

Join the Search for Solutions and Meaning. Looking at the challenges of our times (the ecological crisis, ongoing wars, genocides, and oppressive poverty), many of you may be searching for answers and meaning. Philosophic inquiry might be the right path for you. Philosophy involves the quest for an understanding of the nature of God, humankind, the world, and values, as well as their interrelation, by means of critical and systematic reflection upon human experience.

Traditionally, the study of philosophy has enjoyed a place of prominence in Catholic higher education. Philosophical contemplation has been highly prized throughout the Dominican intellectual tradition which includes such luminaries in the history of philosophy as Albert the Great, Thomas Aquinas, and Francisco de Vitoria. Barry University, which is sponsored by the Adrian Dominican sisters, is committed to the philosophical search for truth and wisdom in the enhancement of faith and life.

Study in an Ideal Environment. Located in Miami Shores, a village within the vibrant Miami / Fort Lauderdale metropolitan area, Barry invites exchange of ideas and creative solutions. The diversity of South Florida is complemented by our student population; your studies will be enhanced through discussions with student-colleagues who come from various geographic, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. South Florida's status as a gateway to the Caribbean and Latin America opens further opportunities to enhance your learning experiences.

Student Philosophy Association and Honor Society. Barry's Student Philosophy Association and its Chapter of the Phi Sigma Tau regularly host debates and discussions on current issues. In addition, students have consistently placed in the top five of the Regional Ethics Bowls competition. At Barry, you'll be inspired by your fellow students as well as your faculty.

Receive support from highly qualified faculty. Barry's Department of Theology and Philosophy has eleven full-time faculty members, five in the area of philosophy. The faculty provides the one-to-one attention and professional expertise that will foster your academic, personal, and professional growth. To give you just a few examples, among the faculty's credits and publications are:

  • Ortega's 'The Revolt of the Masses' and the Triumph of the New Man, Algora Publishing, 2007, Pedro Blas Gonz├ílez, PhD, Associate Professor of Philosophy.
  • "Was It All a Dream? Why Nolan's Answer Doesn't Matter," in Inception and Philosophy: Because It's Never Just a Dream (David Kyle Johnson and William Irwin, eds. Wiley Publishing, 2011), Ruth Tallman, PhD, Assistant Professor of Philosophy.
  • "Ghandian Nonviolence as a Response to Jihadist Terrorism" in Politics, Pluralism and Religion (Cambridge Scholars Press, 2010), Joel Wilcox, PhD, Associate Professor of Philosophy.
  • "Equality and Gender Roles in the Family," in Morality and Spirituality in the Modern World (eds. Chandana Chakrabarti and Sandra Jane Fairbanks (Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Press, forthcoming, Michael McKeon, PhD, Assistant Professor of Philosophy.

Contact Us. We are pleased you are considering a major in philosophy from Barry University. If this sounds like the right program for you, you can apply online now. You can also request more information (link) or ask us a question online (link). We can also be reached at 305-899-3469 or 1-800-756-6000, ext. 3469, or by email theology@barry.edu.