Sandra Jane Fairbanks, PhD

Sandra Jane Fairbanks, PhD



Professor Sandra Fairbanks joined the Barry Faculty in 2002. She earned a BA degree in philosophy from Wheaton College (MA), an M.Phil. from the University of Edinburgh, (Scotland), a JD from the University of Maine School of Law, and a PhD from the University of Minnesota.

Professor Fairbanks' has many years of teaching experience, having held positions at Xavier University of Louisiana and Providence College before coming to Barry.

Professor Fairbanks' main professional interests are in ethical theory, philosophy of law, political theory and environmental ethics. She has published a monograph on Kantian ethical theory, and has co-edited two books on contemporary ethical and political issues. She has also published several articles in environmental ethics. Her current research interest concerns ethical issues as they relate to technology in American culture.

Dr. Fairbanks publications include:

  • "Environmental Goodness and the Challenge of American Culture, " in Ethics & The Environment (forthcoming 2010).
  • Co-editor: Politics, Pluralism and Religion Cambridge Scholars Press, 2010
  • "Introduction," in Politics, Pluralism and Religion Cambridge Scholars Press, 2010
  • "Jihadist Terrorism and Democracy," in Pluralism and Religion Cambridge Scholars Press, 2010 Politics,
  • "History Has Not Ended: The Contradictions Within Liberal Democracy" Contemporary Philosophy Vol. XXIX, Summer 2008
  • "Individualism, Environmental Holism and the Right to Reproduce" Journal of International Interdisciplinary Studies (forthcoming)
  • "Can Virtue Flourish in American Culture?" Contemporary Philosophy, (forthcoming).
  • "Aquinas and Obedience to Authority," Providence: Studies in Western Civilization, Vol. 6, Fall 2001.
  • Kantian Moral Theology and the Destruction of the Self, Westview Press, 2000.
  • "A Critique of Admirable Imperfection," The Journal of Value Inquiry, Vol. 33, 1999.