Competencies of the PA Profession

As published by the AAPA, graduates of the Barry University Physician Assistant Program will be knowledgeable and competent in the following areas as expected by the PA profession:

  • Medical knowledge regarding the basic medical sciences and pathophysiology; the diagnosis and management of disease; and the promotion of health.
  • Interpersonal & communication skills involving verbal, nonverbal and written exchange of information, which results in effective information exchange with patients, patients’ families, physicians, professional associates, and the healthcare system.
  • Patient care that is effective, patient-centered, efficient and equitable in the treatment of health problems and the promotion of wellness.
  • Professionalism which emphasizes the practice of the values and ideals, which are embraced by the helping professions, and result in the practice of medicine in a manner that is ethical, sensitive to diverse patient populations and adhering to legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Practice-based learning and improvement in regards to the ability to engage in critical analysis of their own practice experience, medical literature and other information resources for the purpose of evaluation and improvement of patient care practices.
  • Systems-based practice which delivers the highest quality care at the most advantageous value, within the complex health systems providing medical care.

A complete list of the Competencies for Physician Assistant Profession:

American Association of Physician Assistants (AAPA)

National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA)