Program Goals

GoalIndicator of SuccessOutcome
Prepare students to be competent and compassionate health care providersFeedback & assessments from standardized professional patientsIn Immersion Spanish 100% of students were rated as adequate or better in professionalism, cultural sensitivity & proficiency

In Summative Evaluations 100% percent of students were rated adequate or better by patients with regard to respect, answering questions & concerns & appearing competent & confident
Preceptor feedback on student professionalism, behaviors and attitudes100% of graduates completed 8 rotations in which preceptor rating of overall professionalism was adequate or higher
Program Certification Review Course Exam score of 70% or higher to complete trainingMean score 84.9%
PANCE First Time Taker Pass rateCurrent 5 year average for first PANCE time takers 90%
PANCE Overall Pass Rate99% of graduates ultimately pass PANCE (5 year average)
Attrition rate/ Graduation Rate98% of students admitted to Program graduate
Prepare students to be collaborators in inter-disciplinary health care teamsCompletion of problem based learning in small groups100% of students complete 13 PBL collaborative learning sessions in first didactic year
Supervised clinical experiences immerse students in practices that expose them to all types of health care providers100% of graduates completed rotations at inpatient & outpatient sites supervised by allopathic & osteopathic physicians, PA, NP, CNM preceptors & work alongside other allied health care providers or students
Emphasize the importance of critical inquiry and lifelong dedication to continuous learning and self-assessmentLiterature Review Paper100% of students authored publishable quality literature review paper on specific medical topic
NCCPA recertification reportOf 813 Program alumni in NCCPA database over 96% remain certified
Cultivate the professional behaviors and values of the helping professionsCompletion of 8 introspective cultural reflections during clinical phase of training100% student compliance
Preceptor Evaluation Form rating overall professionalism100% of graduates completed required rotations with rating of adequate or higher
Promote the importance of health maintenance, health education and the prevention of disease for individual patients and communitiesStudent ability to articulate 10 measures patients can follow to improve their healthAverage score 93
Tobacco cessation self-learning modules from Florida AHEC100% completion
Alumni (Graduate) Survey self-assessment of their competency in providing effective patient-centered care in an efficient and equitable manner when treating health problems and promoting wellness.99% of respondents agree or strongly agree
Prepare students to practice evidence based medicine that improves the quality and effectiveness of health carePerformance in Research in Community Health curriculum focused on epidemiology & research methods as applied to public health issues in the clinical setting100% completion, class average of 94.8%
Alumni Survey self-assessment99% of respondents agree or strongly agree they are competent in providing effective, patient-centered care in an efficient & equitable manner
Prepare students to be effective communicators in their work with patients, families and other health care providersPreceptor evaluations100% of students successfully completing rotations are rated adequate or higher regarding their communication with patients and colleagues
Graduate Survey self-assessment statement: I am competent in my interpersonal and communication skills with patients, families and other health care providers95% of responders agree or strongly agree with the statement (remainder neutral)
Prepare students to be proficient in using health care technologyCompliance with Program technology requirements100% of students use laptops to access online syllabi, course materials, online exams and electronic library
Participation in interactive video conferenced (IAV) lectureAll students receive content via IAV
Use of Typhon patient tracking software including ICD9100% of clinical students log and submit patient encounter data via system
Use of evidence based medicine resources required component for Research in Community Health course work & PBL submissions100% of students access online resources to complete assignments
Completion of online course evaluationsOver 99% student compliance since current online course evaluations implemented