PA Program Fees

Tuition and fees apply to all students regardless of campus. Specific fees and costs of attendance for the PA Program include:

Fees by CampusMiami ShoresSt. PetersburgSt. Croix
Tuition (increased annually)$32,800 per year*$32,800 per year*$32,800 per year*
Laptop computer$1,350.00$1,350.00$1,350.00
Medical Instruments$1,000.00$1,000.00$1,000.00
Books / Supplies$4,425.00$4,425.00$4,425.00
Criminal Background Checks and Drug Screens$660.00$660.00$1110.00
Health Insurance Plan$899-1911 (age based)$899-1911 (age based)$899-1911 (age based)
Student Accident Plan (mandatory per semester)$22.00$22.00$22.00
PDA or Smart Phone in clinical year$500.00** $500.00** $500.00**
Clinical travel$2500-3500$$2500-3500$3500-4500
***Transportation$7,680$7,680 $10,344
***Living$4,800$4,800 $5,760
***Room / Board$20,040$20,040$22,620
Load Fees$205.00$205.00$205.00
Graduation Fee$200.00$200.00$200.00

*A limited number of tuition discounts are available. Additional late fee, late registration, tuition deferred payment plan and other fees may apply.

**Student must purchase their own phone plan at additional cost.

Tuition, fees, and costs are subject to change. Tuition for in-state and out-of state residents is the same. Medical supply costs are dependent on personal selection of equipment.

The Barry University Financial Aid office assists all students at all campus locations in obtaining financial aid. As part of an agreement between St. Petersburg College (SPC) and Barry University through the SPC University Partnership Center, the Program provides a 20% tuition discount to up to 4 students per year who are both accepted into the SP student cohort and who graduated from SPC. The Program’s goal in establishing training in the USVI is to reduce the health professions shortages there. Therefore a 20% discount will be offered to up to 4 students a year from the USVI who plan to practice in the territory after graduation.

***The Barry University Graduate Financial Aid office has determined and verified through federal regulations, an increase in the cost of attendance (Room/Board, Living, and Transportation) for the St. Croix cohort.