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Podiatric Medicine Students' Current Research Projects

  1. Analysis of Adipose Tissues in the Foot.

    This study utilizes multiple tissue adipose samples from cadaver specimens to contrast and compare the structure of foot/leg fat on microscopic level. The cytoarchitectural design of the plantar fat pad is thought to play crucial role in the distribution of pressure and absorption of shock throughout the gate cycle. Analysis of the samples will be correlated to the manufacturing of foot orthoses as well as possible surgical fat pad replacement implants.

  2. The role of the Circulator Boot in PVD.

    This study explores the role of extracorporeal compression in patients with peripheral arterial disease. The Circulator Boot acts as an additional external heart, facilitating propulsion of blood through stenotic vessels. The results of the study would have important implications in the area of wound healing.

  3. Retrospective Analysis of Ankle Implants Procedures.

    This study concentrates on the outcomes of ankle implants procedures. Ankle implants procedures are an important alternative treatment for the patients with severe degenerative joint disease of the leg and foot, who would like to stay active and maintain their standard of living. Collected patient retrospective data is analyzed statistically and implications made about the future of ankle implants.

  4. Posters for the upcoming ACFAS.

    The March 2007 ACFAS is yet another opportunity to stimulate research and communicate with podiatry researchers on a national level. Poster presentation is a readily available form of research for the students and suitable to accomplish in a relatively short time as compared toclinical trials and follow-ups. Expected posters this year are in the area of post-op fever, wound healing and peripheral vascular disease.

  5. Senior Class research papers.

    It is part of the curriculum that every graduating student completes a publishable paper. Four or five students are assigned to each clinical faculty member. The clinical faculty then advises and monitors the progression of the student throughout the development of the project. Some of the current topics of the students assigned to me are Charcot's Foot, Calcaneal Fractures, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Foot Orthosis.

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