Degree Plan

Doctor of Podiatric Medicine

As with any Medical School, curriculum is intense for the Barry University Podiatric Medicine Program. In a world of limitless and changing information, so much must be acquired in four years. Every effort is made to make this process thorough and exacting. At the end of your four years of training, you will feel very confident to count yourself among the best trained podiatric physicians in the world.

First Year

FallSemester Hours
SPM-526 Introduction to Patient Care2
PM 527Biochemistry I 3
SPM 536 Research Methodology, Epidemiology & Statistics 3
SPM 550 Histology and Cell Biology w/Lab4
SPM 590 Gross Anatomy w/Lab 7
SpringSemester Hours
SPM 528 Biochemistry II / Nutrition 3
SPM 547 Neuroanatomy w/Lab 3
SPM 595A Physiology I 4
SPM 625A Applied Lower Extremity Anatomy I w/Lab 4

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Second Year

SummerSemester Hours
SPM 595B Physiology II w/Lab 2
SPM 610 Clinical Neurology 2
SPM 623 Medical Microbiology I 2
SPM 627Introduction to Functional Orthopedics 3
SPM-665Independent Study1–3
SPM-675Research 1–12
*Elective (May be taken during any second-year semester)
FallSemester Hours
SPM 600 Pathology I w/Lab 4
SPM 620 Pharmacology3
SPM 624 Medical Microbiology II w/lab 5
SPM 632 Podiatric Medicine I 2
SPM 649General Radiology3
SPM 717 Biomechanics Of Foot Function 2
SPM 717LBiomechanics Clinical Practicum Lab 1
SpringSemester Hours
SPM 601 Pathology II 2
SPM 605A Physical Diagnosis 2
SPM 621 Clinical Pharmacology 3
SPM 640 Surgical Principles 3
SPM-651 Internal Medicine I 2
SPM 709 Podiatric Medicine II 2
SPM-709L Podiatric Medicine II LAB 2
SPM 711Podiatric Radiology2
SPM 711LPodiatric Radiology LAB1

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Third Year

SummerSemester Hours
SPM 605B Physical Diagnosis Lab 2
SPM 625B Applied Lower Extremity Anatomy II w/Lab 2
SPM-705 Emergency & Traumatology I 2
SPM 706 Emergency & Traumatology II 3
SPM-753Internal Medicine II 2
*SPM 765Independent Study1–3
*SPM 775Research1–12
*Elective (May be taken during any third-year semester)
FallSemester Hours
SPM 644Dermatology2
SPM 652 Peripheral Vascular Disease 2
SPM 703 Anesthesiology 1
SPM 710 Podiatric Medicine III 2
SPM 712 Clinical Orientation and Skills Workshop1
SPM 713 Podiatric Surgery I 4
SPM 719Podiatric Rotating Clinical Clerkship I7
SPM 738 Podopediatrics 2
SpringSemester Hours
SPM 549Medical Psychiatry1
SPM 553Biomedical Ethics1
SPM 700Physical Medicine1
SPM 707 Emergency & Traumatology III 2
SPM 714 Podiatric Surgery II 4
SPM 720 Podiatric Rotating Clinical Clerkship II7
SPM 721Podiatric Medicine IV 2
SPM 813Risk Management1
SPM 826Sports Medicine2
SPM 831Community and Minority Medicine1
SPM CMP2COMPS: Objective Structure Clinical Examination0

Elective courses may be taken during any semester of the third year

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Fourth Year

SummerSemester Hours
SPM 820 Clinical Rotation4
SPM-832 Podiatric Clerkship Program I 4
SPM-833Podiatric Clerkship Program II 4
FallSemester Hours
SPM 834 Podiatric Clerkship Program III4
*SPM 835 Podiatric Clerkship Program IV 4
SPM 836Podiatric Clerkship Program V 4
SPM-837 Podiatric Clerkship Program VI4
SPM-838 Podiatric Clerkship Program VII (Optional)4
*SPM 819Communication Skills1
*SPM 865Independent Study 1–3
*SPM 875Research1–12
*Elective (May be taken during any fourth-year semester)
SpringSemester Hours
SPM 802 Podiatric Medicine Seminar1
SPM 806 Library Research Paper 1
SPM 809Senior Clinical Rotations 7
SPM 815Orthopedic Seminar 1
SPM 823 Surgical Seminar 1
SPM 825 Practice Management 1
ElectivesSemester Hours
SPM-819 Communication Skills1
SPM-865 Advanced Independent Study1
SPM-875Advanced Research1

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NOTE: The above curriculum is subject to change. Please refer to a dated official Barry University Catalog for the current curriculum.