Program Goals and Outcomes

Doctor of Podiatric Medicine

Program Goal 1: Produce highly educated, competent, compassionate doctors of podiatric medicine.

Programmatic Outcome - BUSPM will graduate students that demonstrate the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to compete for placement in a post-graduate podiatric residency program.

Program Goal 2: Recruit and retain a diverse and qualified student body.

Programmatic Outcome - Implement a more comprehensive admissions process that would contribute/enhance the diversity of the class.

Programmatic Outcome - Retain and graduate all matriculated students.

Program Goal 3: Increase visibility of BUSPM inside and outside the Barry community.

Programmatic Outcome - Develop a sound marketing plan designed to raise awareness of the profession, the program, and careers and accomplishments of faculty.

Programmatic Outcome - Develop a ‘pipeline to podiatric medicine’ program.

Programmatic Outcome – Increase faculty publications in scholarly journals

Program Goal 4: Maintain a collaborative, productive learning environment that positively impacts Student experience.

Programmatic Outcome - Enhance basic science experience.

Programmatic Outcome - Enhance clinical rotation experience.

Programmatic Outcome – Encourage faculty to engage in professional development.

Programmatic Outcome – Encourage staff to engage in professional development.

Program Goal 5: Increase alumni engagement.

Programmatic Outcome - Strengthen existing alumni relations.