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Tuition and Fees

Your Barry education is a valuable investment in your future. When considering a private education, costs may be a factor, but they need not be the determining factor. Your Barry education can be quite affordable. We invite you to review our tuition and fee schedule below and then check with staff in Barry's Offices of Financial Aid and Student Account Services. They are here to help you and your family by providing guidance in financial planning and financial assistance.

We have listed student costs per semester below, unless otherwise stated. All students are assessed tuition and fees on a semester basis. Please be aware that all rates given are subject to change without notice.

Tuition, Fees, Room and Board Schedule
Revised 04/19/2013
Effective Summer II

Full-time, 12-18 credits per semester214,080.00
Part-time, per credit845.00
Credit in excess of 18, per credit845.00
School of Professional And Career Education, Undergraduate, per credit445.00
2+2 Programs445.00
CCAL Program, per term3,500.00
Summer II 2011 & Summer I 2012, per credit845.00
Master's in Public Health Full-time, per year
Master's Level (Graduate) Programs, per credit
All doctoral programs, per credit
School of Professional And Career Education, graduate, per credit
Podiatric Medicine
--- Full-time, per year
--- Part-time, per credit
--- 5th Year and beyond, per year
Physician Assistant
--- Full-time, per year29,400.00
Law School
--- Full-time, per year33,630.00
--- Part-time, per semester12,690.00
--- Summer 2011, per credit1,195.00

School of Professional And Career Education, Portfolio Fee1,850.00
School of Professional And Career Education, Portfolio Materials Fee20.00
CLEP, Per Credit100.00
Graduation Fee150.00
Professional Liability20.00 - 50.00
Corporate Deferred Payment Plan50.00
Tuition Management Payment Plan per Semester75.00
Tuition Management Payment Plan Annually90.00
Returned Check100.00
Late Payment Fee250.00
Tuition Management System Late Payment110.00
Lost I.D. Card15.00
Transcript, each10.00
Health Insurance (cost + $10)VARIABLE
Late Registration Fee100.00
Lab and materials FeesVARIABLE

Room Deposit (mandatory)200.00
Residence Halls Room Rate, per semester
--- Single, PB5,775.00
--- Single, SB5,660.00
--- Single, CB5,430.00
--- Double, PB4,855.00
--- Double, SB4,640.00
--- Double, CB4,515.00
--- Triple/Quad SB4,045.00
Holly House Room Rate, per semester3
--- Studio3,635.00
--- One Bedroom4,625.00
--- Two Bedroom3,495.00
--- Staff Studio3,635.00

  1. With the exception of Podiatry who begins the increase in Summer I
  2. Twelve to eighteen credits, in any combination Main Campus (Fall) and PACE (Fall), twelve to eighteen credits, in any combination Main Campus (Spring) and PACE (Spring), results in the administration of the full-time rate of $14,080.00.
  3. Holly House rates do not include meal plans. Mean plans for Holly House are not mandatory.

Arrangements for Payment of All Tuitions, Fees, Room and Board and All Associated Expenses Must Be Made Prior to Completion of Registration.

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