Tuition and Fees

Your Barry education is a valuable investment in your future. When considering a private education, costs may be a factor, but they need not be the determining factor. Your Barry education can be quite affordable. We invite you to review our tuition and fee schedule below and then check with staff in Barry's Offices of Financial Aid and Student Account Services. They are here to help you and your family by providing guidance in financial planning and financial assistance.

We have listed student costs per semester below, unless otherwise stated. All students are assessed tuition and fees on a semester basis. Please be aware that all rates given are subject to change without notice.

Tuition, Fees, Room and Board Schedule
Effective Fall 2015

FEES1st year2nd year3rd year4th year
Student organizations and
club fees/dues (optional)
$20 (est.)$20 (est.)$20 (est.)$20 (est.)
American DataBank
Immunization Tracking System
Criminal background check$21$21
Drug screening$40$40
FBI fingerprinting$30
Healthcare exclusion list$12
Occupational exposure insurance$44
($22 per semester, fall and spring only)
Social Security number trace$5
Barry student health
insurance (optional)
Anatomy lab supplies$380 (est.) (scrubs 2 pairs $80,
lab coat $30,
gloves $80,
leg model $100,
dissection kit with
instruments $20,
anatomy atlas $70)
Medical instruments$1450 (est.)
Required texts$425 (est.)$800 (est.)
Supplemental study materials$800 (est.) (e.g. USMLE first aid books, pocket podiatry manual, Mc Minn’s Color Atlas of Foot & Ankle, Atlas of Human Anatomy, Anatomy of the Lower Extremity)$1900 (est.) (e.g. Principles and Practice of Podiatric Medicine, Handbook of Lower Extremity Infections, Bone and Joint Imaging, Cutaneous Disorders of the Lower Extremities, foot model)
Miscellaneous$15 ID replacement fee$50 extra lab coat
Externships, living expenses for 5 months$7500 ($1500 per month, est.)
Interview week in Texas$1000 (est.)
Graduation application fee$200

National Boards1st year2nd year3rd year4th year
APMLE I-Written$900
APMLE II-Written$900
APMLE II-CSPE*$1230 (airfare and expenses add $500, est.)

National board exam fees are collected by the School of Podiatric Medicine from those students eligible to sit for the exams and are forwarded to the American Podiatric Medical Licensing Examination with the exam applications. Students who fail an exam must retake that part at additional expense.

The NBPME has suspended AMPLE II-CSPE for candidates in the Class of 2016, the test will resume in August 2016.

1st year2nd year3rd year4th year
$350 - $550 (based on how
many residencies designated)

1st year2nd year3rd year4th year
$42,393$45,732$40,810$51,862 - $52,562

Arrangements for Payment of All Tuitions, Fees, Room and Board and All Associated Expenses Must Be Made Prior to Completion of Registration.