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Program Overview

Program Overview

You can complete your MA in Practical Theology and Ministry in 2 years, studying full-time (12 credit-hour maximum per semester). You can also pursue your degree on a part-time basis. The MA must be completed within seven years from the date you initially enroll.

Three study options are offered including the Traditional Semester Option, the Winter and Summer Term Option and the Study-throughout-the-Year Option. All study options have been designed to facilitate pursuit of your degree while maintaining your current professional position.

For completion of the degree, you must:

  • complete a minimum of 40 hours of course work (6 credit-hours of which must be fulfilled as Supervised Ministry)
  • complete a Synthesis Project
  • pass written and oral comprehensive examinations.

Core Curriculum : 40 credit-hours

  • THE 552 - Method in Practical Theology and Ministry (3 credit-hours)
  • THE 609 - Introduction to Systematic Theology (3 credit-hours)
  • THE 620 - Supervised Ministry (3 credit-hours)
  • THE 621 - Supervised Ministry (3 credit-hours)
  • THE 636 or 637 - Christology or The Christian God (3 credit-hours)
  • THE 687 - Synthesis Project Seminar (1 Credit)
  • THE xxx - New Testament course (3 credit-hours)
  • THE xxx - Old Testament course (3 credit-hours)
  • THE xxx - Liturgical/Sacramental Theology course (3 credit-hours)
  • THE xxx - Fundamental Morality (3 credit-hours)
  • Electives (12 credit-hours)

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