Public Safety

Hurricane Planning / Lessons Learned 

After the aftermath of 2017 Hurricane season and a review of the response from Barry University personnel on the site, the following recommendations were made for any upcoming emergencies and/or i.e., hurricanes.

The following action items have been completed:

  • All Public Safety & Emergency Management personnel will be assigned to a specific task and schedule during all emergencies and hurricane pre and post responses, to ensure that one or more of them will be on site during those emergency situations.
  • Ten (10) new County wide radios have been purchased to eliminate the communications problems we had last hurricane season.
  • All missing keys for the various buildings have been collected and copied.  Members of the public safety & emergency department now have excess to all offices.
  • All request for Hurricane supplies have been identified and several meetings with both facilities management, housing and food services have already taken place.
  • We have requested through FIRCUMA to replace both of our SAT telephones.
  • I've been in contact with Mr. Glen Collins at the Orlando Law School regarding any pending issues for the 2018 hurricane season.  He's informed me that their emergency generator has a defective fuel pump.  The fuel pump has been ordered and will be replaced within the next few weeks.  He had no other request or issues.
  • Public Safety & Emergency Management golf carts have been serviced and extra service parts have been ordered
  • A complete personnel equipment check has been conducted and no additional equipment has been identified. 
  • All emergency operations plans have been reviewed with the Allied Universal Account Manager and his staff.   Additional meetings are being scheduled for all Allied Universal personnel within the next few weeks to ensure all shifts are contacted.  Issues to be covered are: assignments, personnel, staffing, vehicles, equipment, food, extra clothing, medications, ice coolers, food, snacks, bedding, personal hygiene items, etc.     
  • ALERTUS Security systems has been installed and is fully activated and functional for any emergencies that may occur.
  • RAVE is fully activated and functional for any emergencies that may occur.