Development of the Mission Statement

In light of Barry University’s recent implementation of a new strategic plan, President Linda Bevilacqua, OP, PhD, felt it was time for the Barry University community to examine our mission statement.

In June 2007, she convened a constituent group of administrators, faculty, staff, alumni, Adrian Dominican Sisters and others to begin the review process. The consensus from this group was that it was indeed time to re-articulate our current mission statement into one that more accurately reflected our university community.

Writing teams were formed and asked to create a draft that could then be considered by the Barry University Community. The process was facilitated by Arlene Scott, Assistant to the President for Mission Integration, and Roxanne Davies, Assistant to the President for Organizational Effectiveness, and involved soliciting input from a number of constituencies, including Barry students.

The review process led to writing a new Mission Statement which is a clearer and more accurate articulation of Barry’s contemporary spirit and which remains true to our strong Catholic and Dominican roots. The new statement was approved by the Executive Committee of the Administration on May 15, by the Board of Trustees on May 30, and by the leadership team of the Adrian Dominican Sisters, our religious sponsors, in June 2008. President Linda Bevilacqua, OP, PhD, shared the new mission statement with the Barry community during the Fall Assembly, September 5, 2008.

During the various conversations that took place this past year, we also heard a call to define core institutional values; participants in various dialogues surfaced values for consideration. Accordingly, the writing group that crafted the new Mission Statement included four broad commitments – knowledge and truth, inclusive community, social justice, and collaborative service.