3 + 3 Accelerated Law Program

The Department of Psychology and the Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law provide qualified psychology students an opportunity to earn a combined Bachelor of Science degree and a Juris Doctor Degree. The Accelerated 3 + 3 Program allows psychology students to complete both undergraduate psychology degree and a law degree within six years rather than the traditional seven-year time period. Qualified students would complete the core undergraduate requirements within the first three years of study. The fourth year of undergraduate would also be the first year of law school. At the satisfactory completion of the first year of law school, the student would officially receive their BS in Psychology. The accelerated program saves one year of college expenses and provides an accelerated entry into a professional career.

Program Coordinator: Dr. Pamela Hall, phall@barry.edu or 305-899-3272.

Requirements For The Bachelor’s Degree:

Year 1 through 3 Undergraduate Studies:

Generation Education 51 or 52 Credits
PSY Required Courses:Credits
283 Developmental Psychology3
314 Abnormal Psychology3
320 Tests and Measurements 3
325 Theories of Personality3
335 Research Methods & Analysis I3
390 Physiological Psychology3
436 Research Methods & Analysis II3
495, 497 or 499 (Capstone Experience) 3
5 courses in Psychology Electives15
MAT 2523

Year 1 Law School:

Civil Procedure 5 credits [3+2]
Contracts6 credits [3+3]
Criminal Law3 credits
Legal Research & Writing, 1, 2 6 credits [3+3]
Property5 credits [3+2]
Torts5 credits [3+2]
TOTAL30 credits
Overall Credits = 123 or 124