Research Opportunities

All departmental faculty are actively engaged in research and other scholarly activities and supervise undergraduate research. Areas of specialization represented by departmental faculty include the following: child development, lifespan development, developmental risk factors, evolutionary psychology, psychophysiology, neuropsychology, cognition,  social psychology, health psychology, clinical psychology, acculturation, industrial organizational psychology, forensic psychology, and human sexuality.

The department’s commitment to undergraduate  research is best reflected through the Annual Psychology  Student Research Forum that takes place every Spring semester. The Forum provides an opportunity for undergraduate  students to present their research. Proposals and literature reviews are presented as posters and completed projects are presented orally. Consequently, students who complete a research project have had the opportunity to present in both formats over two years. In addition to basic presentation skills, students learn the technological skills required to prepare supporting visual materials. In addition, students are encouraged to submit their research for publication and presentation at regional, state, and national conferences as appropriate.