Student Experiences

Being part of the RISE program has been of the most rewarding and worthwhile experience of my life. This program allowed me embrace and explore my love for science by providing me with countless resources. Because of this program, I know that I can reach beyond the sky and would encourage every girl and boy to do the same. It is truly possible with hard work and dedication. I will forever be grateful to my mentors especially Dr. Petrino and Dr. Redway for pushing me to be the best that I can be.

- Bertina Telusma, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA

Bertina Telusma

“The Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement (RISE) program has allowed me to venture into a career path that I am passionate about. During my time as a RISE student, I was not only challenged as a research scientist, but also as a student. The program instilled skills such as resilience and independence within myself and I personally feel that these are valuable skills for a scientist. Furthermore, Dr. Redway's guidance has helped me create and attain realistic goals for myself. Overall, I enjoyed my time in RISE and this program has been an essential factor in my undergraduate career and future graduate endeavors.”

- KeiAuyndria Edwards, PhD, University of Texas Health Science Center, TX

KeiAuyndria Edwards

"The MBRS RISE program has taken my education to a whole new level. It has provided me with the experience and training I needed to comfortably pursuit a postgraduate education. Without the program I would not be in the career path I am in right now, and for that I am extremely grateful."

- Talia Guardia MD/PhD University of Maryland, MD

Talia Guardia

"I can't stress enough how important programs like MBRS RISE are for minority students such as myself. If it weren't for these programs many of us would never be exposed to research, and therefore hindering us from achieving our full potential as well rounded students."

- Raquel Peralta, MD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University, NY 2013

Requel Peralta

"I truly thank the RISE Program and Dr. Redway for the person I am today. I joined the program fall 2014 not really knowing what I was getting myself into. I knew I had a passion for science and research, but that was about it. With Dr. Redway’s guidance and the programs support, I attended multiple scientific conferences and summer research experiences. Thanks to RISE I matured as a young scientist and developed skills that will help me as a graduate student. I am grateful to RISE and my mentors for giving me the opportunity to fulfill my academic goals and give me the resources I need to succeed as a scientist."

- Diana Dumit, PhD Geochemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA

Requel Peralta