Summer Research Experience (SRE)

Off-Campus Summer Research Internship

RISE students can experience up to three summer research internships in research laboratories at national sites. Students can go to the laboratories during summer preceding sophomore, junior or senior year. Summer 2013 acceptances include:

  • University of California San Diego, CA
  • Dauphin Sea Lab Institute, AL
  • University of Wisconsin – Madison, WI
  • University of Iowa, IA
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA
  • University of Michigan, MI
  • Stanford University, CA
  • University of Pittsburg, PA – School of Medicine
  • University of Michigan College of Pharmacy, MI
  • Boston University, MA
  • New York University, NY
  • Harvard Medical School, MA
  • University of Florida, FL
  • Tuskegee University, AL
  • University of Nevada Las Vegas, NV
  • Oregon Health & Science University, OR
  • University of California Irvine, CA
  • University of Georgia, GA
  • University of Missouri, MO

Students spend 8-12 weeks at the site and carry out hands-on research alongside graduate students and post-doctoral fellows; they participate in research laboratory meetings, attend guest lectures, and network for graduate school.