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Jeremy Cartagena

Fund Manager
Sectors: Technology & Telecommunications

My name is Jeremy Melvin Cartagena. I was born in New York, New York. However, I moved to a small town by the name of Windermere, FL when I was twelve years old. I am currently pursuing an undergraduate degree at Barry University. Moreover, I am currently in my senior year here as a finance major. Also, as an undergraduate, I have worked two internships along with some volunteer work. I completed my internships with Medical Records and the Nike Coach of the Year Clinic and did my volunteer work at the Health Central Hospital Emergency Room. As for something unique about myself, I originally began here at Barry as a pre-med major (Biology), but became interested in investing in 2008 and changed my major to finance for my sophomore year. Lastly, once I complete my undergraduate career at Barry, I would like to pursue an MBA and work in the investment banking field. // Download resume

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