Student Managed Investment Fund Organization Chart 2014

  • Head Managing Director
    Dominic Bisceglia

  • Co-Head Managing Director
    Christopher Naranjo
  • Technology & Tele-
    Managing Director
    Frantz Francillion
    • Junior Analyst
      Kristina Ikon
      Provisional Junior Analyst
      Tyler KruschYeisy TapiaRiley KnottJohanna Acosta
  • Healthcare & Industrials & Materials Managing Director
    Donishea Watts
    • Junior Analyst
      Lumy CascoTravia McGrit
      Provisional Junior Analyst
      Jean AlcideJesse Kimmel
  • Energy & Finance & Utilities Managing Director
    Connor Randel Kevin Asencio
    • Junior Analyst
      Joe Iorioand
      Provisional Junior Analyst
      Felix SimonDerek GeibelXavier Flores
  • Consumer Discr. & Consumer Staples Managing Director
    Christopher Naranjo
    • Junior Analyst
      Caroline Alves de SilvaMargaryta Orsik
      Provisional Junior Analyst
      Shanika MorandWarren Graham
  • Fixed Income Managing Director
    Dominic Bisceglia
    • Junior Analyst
      Carlton ReedJelissa Cruz
  • Operations Managing Director
    Anne Wight
    • Operations Associates
    • Provisional Marketing Associates
      Maureen MitschMarcos KauffmanShavon SchoenbergerKamaura Hamilton

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