Dr. Mitchell A Rosenwald

Mitchell Rosenwald, PhD, LCSW

Associate Professor


PhD, University of Maryland at Baltimore, 2004
MSW, University of Maryland at Baltimore, 1997
MA, Sociology, Syracuse University, 1993
BA, Sociology and Economics, Salisbury State University, 1992

Dr. Rosenwald joined the faculty in 2007 and teaches a variety of courses including Introduction to Trauma and Resiliency and Advanced Clinical Practice with Groups.

He is the President of the National Association of Social Workers, Florida Chapter (NASW-FL), and received the Social Worker of the Year Award from NASW-FL in 2009. 
Dr. Rosenwald is a Delegate to the 2014 NASW Delegate Assembly. Additionally, he is a licensed social worker and co-facilitates an aftercare group which aims to reduce recidivism among the homeless population in Broward County.   

Dr. Rosenwald received a $479,235 subcontract from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to serve as a co-evaluator on a grant assessing the efficacy of a housing initiative on preventing child maltreatment.  He also was awarded the Sister Jeanne O’Laughlin, OP, Scholar’s Award from Barry University in 2013.


  • CSWE International
  • Association of Social Work in Groups
  • National Association of Social Workers

Research Interests

  • Child welfare
  • Group work
  • Homelessness
  • LGBTQ population needs
  • Mediation
  • Political diversity


Rosenwald, M. & Riley, B. N. (2010). Advocating for children in foster and kinship care:  A guide to getting the best out of the system for foster parents, kinship caregivers and practitioners. New York: Columbia University Press.  

Rosenwald, M. (Ed.). (2008). One paradigm, many worlds: Conflict resolution across the disciplines. Newcastle-on-Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.  

Peer-Reviewed Articles

  • DeRigne, L., Rosenwald, M. & Naranjo, F. (under review). Legislative advocacy and social work education: A review of models and new strategies. Submitted to Journal of Teaching in Social Work.
  • Rosenwald, M., Smith, M., Bagnoli, M., Riccelli, D., Ryan, S., Salcedo, L. & Seeland, D. (2013). Relighting the campfire: Rediscovering activity-based group work. Social Work with Groups, 36(4), 321-331.
  • Rosenwald, M., McGhee, T., & Noftall, R. (2013). Perspectives on Independent Living Services among resilient youth. Journal of Family Social Work, 16(2), 148-163.
  • Rosenwald, M., Wiener, D., Smith-Osborne, A., & Smith, C.  (2012). The place of political diversity within the social work classroom. Journal of Social Work Education, 48(1), 139-158.
  • Rosenwald, M. & Riley, B. N. (2011).  A model of foster care advocacy for child welfare practitioners. Journal of Public Child Welfare, 5(2-3), 251-270.
  • Smith-Osborne, A. & Rosenwald, M. (2009). Exploring the relationship between religiosity and political ideology among social workers. Social Thought, 28(4), 393-404.
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  • Rosenwald, M. (2006a). Exploring the political ideologies of licensed social workers. Social Work Research, 30(2), 121-6.

Other Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • Winter, E., Elze, D., Salzburg, S. & Rosenwald, M. (under review).  Social services for LGBT youth in the United States:  Are we there yet?  Chapter for edited Social Work and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Health Inequalities: International Perspectives.
  • Rosenwald, M. (2012). Group work with homeless individuals. In Riding the Mutual Aid Bus and Other Adventures in Group Work: A Day in the Lives of Social Workers Collection. (Eds., L. Grobman  &  J. Clements). The New Social Worker and White Hat Publications.
  • Rosenwald, M. (2009). Revising your work for successful publication.  In K. Bromley, (Ed.), (pp. 135-142).  Writing for Educators: Personal Essays and Practical Advice. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.  
  • Rosenwald, M. (2008). Group work with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals. In Gittterman, A. & Salmon, R. (Eds.). (pp. 198-201). Encyclopedia of Social Work with Groups. London: Routledge.
  • Rosenwald, M. (2008). Group work practice with LGBTQ people. In G.P. Mallon, (Ed.). Social work practice with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. 2nd ed. (pp. 221-239).  New York:  Routledge.

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