Natalia Shtompel, PHD, MSW, MA

Natalia Shtompel, PHD, MSW, MA

Assistant Professor


PhD. Florida International University, 2016.
MSW, Touro College, 2011
MA, Clinical Psychology, Western Carolina University 2008
BA, Psychology & Sociology, Salem College 2004

Areas of Interest

Aging and cognition, access to healthcare in older adults, assessment and neuropsychology, Yoga and mindfulness


Dr. Natalia Shtompel is an Assistant Professor of Social Work at Barry University. She specializes in gerontology/aging, particularly in assessment, cognitive vitality and cognitive decline, access to healthcare, daily functioning and quality of life in older adults, and successful aging. Dr. Shtompel is a former fellow of the Hartford Foundation, a leading organization in research in gerontology. Her other research interests include Yoga, mindfulness, and meditative practices, and she is a certified Yoga teacher. Dr. Shtompel’s clinical background is in comprehensive assessment and psychotherapy of individuals with developmental disabilities and schizophrenia, and intelligence (IQ) and neuropsychological testing. She presents regularly at professional conferences and publishes in peer-reviewed journals.

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