Agency Placement Options

Field agency options for students will vary according to agency mission, population served, services provided and model of social work practice utilized. All field agencies have been accredited by Field Education and meet the requirements and standards set forth by CSWE. Students are only assigned to those agencies accredited by Field Education.

Evening and Weekend Internship Possibilities

Barry University School of Social work recognizes that increasingly students are working full-time and request a field agency that affords an evening and weekend internship schedule. Field Education works diligently to identify community agencies that can meet this need and maintain the educational integrity required. These placement opportunities are very limited and thus such a placement cannot be guaranteed for every student who requests such an arrangement. Also, this type of placement also requires that the student’s schedule include at least one day (each week) in the agency during regular business hours.

Own Agency Placement

Own Agency Placement (OAP) is an approved Field placement in a community-based agency where the student is also employed. This requires that the student complete tasks that are different than those listed on their current job description, and be supervised by a different person for their internship. Students may request an OAP Field placement; however OAP requests must meet a specific set of criteria prior to obtaining final approval from Field Education.