Field Placement at-a-glance

Barry University School of Social Work offers a variety of field placements opportunities across south Florida. These field placements include schools, substance abuse facilities, medical, health and mental health organizations, public and non-profit organizations serving diverse communities, juvenile justice, child welfare agencies, rehabilitative facilities, and veteran services. Below you will find a snapshot of what field education will look like (semester-to-semester) based on your enrollment status.

MSW Full-time, 60-Credit

SW 53731140 hours
SW 57742280 hours
SW 67543280 hours
SW 68944300 hours
Total hours1000

MSW Full-time, 32-Credit

SW 67541280 hours
SW 68942300 hours
Total hours580

MSW Part-time, 60-Credit

SW 53732140 hours
SW 57723140 hours
SW 57724140 hours
SW 67525140 hours
SW 67526140 hours
SW 68927150 hours
SW 68928150 hours
Total hours1000

MSW Part-time, 32-Credit

SW 67521140 hours
SW 67522140 hours
SW 68923150 hours
SW 68924150 hours
Total hours580