Eloisa Rosés-Ramos presents at the World Congress on Adult Guardianship

Eloisa Rosés-Ramos presents at the World Congress on Adult Guardianship

Eloisa Rosés-Ramos, executive director of the Barry University Office of the Public Guardian, recently presented at the 2014 World Congress on Adult Guardianship in Arlington, Va. Rosés-Ramos’s presentation covered the topic of guardian qualifications.

The 2014 World Congress on Adult Guardianship was a three-day event which brought together 120 speakers from 21 countries on six continents to discuss promising practices in the area of adult guardianship. More than 40 general and breakout sessions occurred, including a keynote presentation from the Hon. Kathy Greenlee, Assistant Secretary for Aging, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Rosés-Ramos has been a member of the Barry University School of Social Work since 1999 and has served as executive director for the Office of the Public Guardian since 2002.  She has more than 15 years professional and administrative experience with county, state, and private agencies working with families and older adults in the areas of abuse and neglect, mental health, and developmental disabilities. In 2009 she received the Mary Thiel Award for significant contributions in bettering the lives of people with developmental disabilities.

"I'm pleased and honored to have spoken about this important topic to such an esteemed worldwide audience,” said Rosés-Ramos. “Anyone who is involved with guardianship regularly faces challenges at some point. The World Congress presents shared problems from new perspectives and offer ideas and solutions from multiple viewpoints, cultures and guardianship systems.”

This is the third World Congress on Guardianships; the first and second were held in Japan and Australia, respectively.  Unlink many regional and national organizations, The World Congress offer ways for guardianship professionals to share challenges and solutions while interacting with peers from other countries.