Strategic Directions

1. Health Promotion and Prevention:

Increase student awareness and understanding of the steps students can take to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


  • To provide opportunities for students to develop relationships that are supportive, healthy and developmental (growth-oriented).
  • Utilize evidence-based practice to provide programs and services that produce optimum health outcomes for college students and campus communities.
    1. Assess implementation of drug and alcohol program that includes focus areas below and make necessary improvements.
      • Harm Reduction & Healthy Alternatives
      • Education and Awareness
      • Responsibility and Accountability
      • Assessment and Evaluation
    2. Review current sexual assault program and make recommendations for improvement to be implemented in fall 2014. New and revised sexual assault program should address the following focus areas:
      • Preparedness
      • Prevention
        1. Certified Victims Advocate: Developing Victims Advocate program to be rolled out in Spring 2014.
        2. Developing web site for sexual assault prevention/intervention program.
      • Response
      • Recovery
  • To provide a safe and secure campus environment.

2. Student Engagement:

Provide opportunities for students to translate and apply knowledge, skill, competency and understanding into the context of the student’s life and vocation (what a student is called to do?).


  • To provide opportunities for students to discover and explore “Who” they are?
    1. Vocational Discernment (IN PROGRESS)
  • Develop a campus environment that optimizes a set of common educational experiences to support student learning and development in all settings – in class and outside class - and is responsive to the whole student.
    1. FYE
      1. Residence Education Program
      2. Re-design Weber Hall common area spaces (NEW OPPORTUNITY)
      3. First-Year Retreat
      4. Utilize MAP-Works data to develop intervention protocols.
    2. Develop middle- and senior year experience programs
      1. Residence Education Program
  • Construct, organize and offer experiential learning opportunities that are designed to integrate students’ curricular and co-curricular experience that maximize student involvement and engage students in learning.
    1. Learning Communities – Develop committee and implement recommendations from faculty and Deans.
      1. First-Year
        • Business Connections
        • Pre-Nursing
        • Honors
        • S.T.E.M
        • Honors
      2. Upper-class
        • Sport Management
      3. Residential Curriculum/Residence Education
  • Provide opportunities for students to immerse themselves into social justice and self-reflection activities that cultivate a value system for life.
    1. Leadership
      • Develop and implement co-curricular programs that foster the “QEP” learning outcomes - Personal and social responsibility through experiential learning.
      • Create meaningful connections with the community that enhance students’ sense of civic responsibility.
        1. Participate in NASPA’s CLDE Coalition/Initiative
        2. Implement Student Leadership Framework for Social Justice Activism
        3. Participate in the National Study of Learning, Voting, and Engagement (NSLVE)
        4. Promote and encourage student participation in Dominican Volunteer Corps
  • Develop and implement strategic vision for Landon Student Union that is characterized as the “LIVING ROOM OF THE CAMPUS”
  • To offer programs and services that support the unique needs of our students and empower them to be successful.

3. Diversity and Inclusion


  • To promote respect for human dignity and solidarity with others.
  • To promote awareness and understanding of diversity and inclusion.
  • Develop students’ skills and competencies to live and work effectively in a diverse world.


  1. Implement (partner with School of Social Work) Intergroup Dialogue (diversity, faith, etc.) program

4. Spirituality and Faith Formation:

Develop a campus climate that promotes spiritual exploration, faith formation and religious practice through collaboration, program implementation and campus outreach.


  • Spiritualty
    1. Retreat program has been added
  • Faith Formation
  • Religious Practice
    1. Multi-faith prayer space (IS THIS APPROPRIATE LOCATION?)

5.Divisional Infrastructure


  • Develop and implement divisional assessment plan.
    1. Clearly articulate what Student Affairs is trying to achieve with the student experience.
      1. Develop outcomes for the student experience
      2. Identify key success indicators of student experience for student affairs
        • student satisfaction?
        • student connection?
        • student engagement?
        • Core Commitment (values) immersion?
      3. What programs need to be in place to create this type of experience?
      4. What changes in behaviors and/or attitudes should appear?
      5. Develop strategies to assess success indicators
  • Develop organizational capacity to achieve the strategic directions outlined above and cultivate an organizational culture and climate to make it work.
    1. Identify, secure and sustain sufficient resources to achieve the strategic directions outlined above.
    2. Implement regular professional development series and encourage active participation in professional associations.
    3. Develop systems, processes and procedures to respond to increasing demands so that we might achieve more (maximize our impact) with fewer resources.
    4. Maximize use of technology to increase efficiency and productivity so that we might achieve more with fewer resources.
      1. Continue to develop divisional web site (Launched first version; Continues to be on-going)
  • To explore and act upon the powerful range of opportunities for partnerships that can enhance student learning and development.
  • Emphasize the relationship/interconnectivity between program design and evaluation, data collection and analysis and budget decisions that must map/align back to strategic directions.