Alcohol & Drug Programs and Services

The University offers several programs and services designed to support, inform or assist students who may be facing difficult decisions or consequences because of the misuse of alcohol and/or other drugs.

Student Health Services and Center for Counseling and Psychological Services

The Student Health Services and the Counseling Center offer services to all registered full-time undergraduate and graduate Barry University students. The Health Center has resources to assist with any variety of health concerns that can connect to substance abuse issues. The Counseling Center will assist with issues connected to substance abuse/misuse, including relationship problems with family, friends and/or roommates, adjustment to college life and coping with loneliness.

The staffs of these Centers are also prepared to connect Barry students with community agencies and resources.

Alcohol e-CheckUp ToGo and Marijuana e-CheckUp ToGo

These are interactive web surveys that allow students to enter information about their drinking and marijuana use patterns and receive feedback about their use of alcohol and marijuana.