The laws which govern the operation of vehicles in the state of Florida apply to all students at Barry University. Parking on the Barry University campus is a privilege, not a right, and is available to persons driving on campus solely under the rules and regulations prescribed within. Parking and traffic regulations are provided in the Student Union Office, Landon 103. All vehicles, motorcycles or scooters driven to the campus must be registered with the Student Union Office. Traffic and parking regulations are distributed when parking decals for the academic year are issued (usually in September or January).

In order to register a vehicle, the following items are required:

  1. Vehicle registration, and
  2. Valid university ID card.

Bicycles are permitted and must be kept in the racks provided throughout the campus. Bicycle registration is provided by the Miami Shores Police Department. Contact the Public Safety Department for dates/times.

The university assumes no responsibility for damages to or theft of cars or bikes. Any occurrence of damage or theft should be reported to the university public safety office and the Miami Shores Police Department.

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