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In accordance with the Florida Clean Indoor Act, Barry University has a no smoking policy. This no smoking includes the use of e-cigarettes. It is the policy of Barry University to protect the health, comfort and environment of its employees, students and visitors by eliminating the harmful effects of tobacco smoke. This will be accomplished by permitting smoking only in designated areas.

Designated Areas

No indoor areas, work area or living spaces owned or leased by Barry University shall be a smoking area, including, but not limited to, private offices, classrooms, buildings, residence halls, athletic fields, within enclosed pool area, meeting rooms, lobbies, restrooms, stairwells, and break rooms. There should be no smoking within 15 feet of any building to include breezeway areas or any area previously identified within this policy.

This policy has the same force as all Barry University policies and should be adhered to accordingly. Each department has responsibility for enforcing the policy among colleagues and students. This policy can work effectively only if everyone demonstrates concern for the rights of their fellow community members.

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