The Bowen Theory Concept of the Triangle

This presentation will anchor the triangle concept in the emotional system and detail what makes a triangle, also known as the molecule of an emotional system, more stable than a dyadic relationship. Although more stable, when in regression, triangles are also key in fueling symptom development. The presentation will also describe how detriangling is key to defining more of a self in relationship systems.

Date: Monday, October 28th
Time – 6:oopm – 7:30pm
Where: Library 103
Cost - $10              
CEs – $10 additional

Contact Ms. Anna Dow at (305)899-3701 or at

Dr. Michael Kerr is a family psychiatrist, Emeritus Director of the Bowen Center for the Study of the Fmaily in Washington, D.C., and President of the Bowen Theory Academy, a newly formed national organization based in Isleboro, Maine.  Dr. Kerr co-authored with Dr. Bowen a widely used text entitled, Family Evolution: An approach based on Bowen Theory.  He has also published many articles and chapters about how families function.  To date, he has presented on Bowen theory throughout the United States, Australia, South Korea and China.