Conferences and Retreats

Project L.E.A.D.- Project LEAD is a comprehensive leadership development program which views leadership as a process, designed for all Barry University students whether they are participating in the Project Lead as an individual, member of club and organization, or executive board member. Students engage in a curricula comprised of leadership education, leadership training, leadership development, problem-based and experiential learning.

Leadership Conferences- (Fall Organizational Leadership Conference, & Spring Leadership Conference)- Student Leadership Conference are developed to provide students with fundamental principles and standards of being an effective leader not only in one's respective club/organization but also in one's community. Each leadership conference utilizes key concepts of the Social Change Model in order to infuse theory and practice. The Fall leadership conference is the organizational based conference which is geared toward equipping the leaders of all student organizations with basic organizational skill sets along with theory. The Spring Leadership Conference is open to all Barry University students and focuses on motivating, encouraging, and empowering all students to be socially aware and involved beings through the application of servant leadership.

Leadership Retreats (Fall & spring UFO Retreats)- The Leadership Retreats are training and developmental opportunities for the members of the University Funded Organizations to become familiar with Barry University and the Department of Center for Student Involvement ' policies, standards, and missions in order to efficiently serve the BU students and operate at the premium level of success.

Individual Leadership Initiatives- (i.e. Diversity in Leadership, Women in Leadership, Men in Leadership)- The individual leadership initiative provides a tailored atmosphere and environment to the application of the leadership development experience. Through seminars, lectures, panel discussions, group sessions, collaborative services, and much more, student will have the opportunity to be empowered by powerful community leaders who will address key components of men, women, and diversity as they pertain to effectual leadership.