Student Organizations Directory (A to Z)

OrganizationAdvisorPurpose StatementPresident
All Greek Council (AGC) Gerard Smithwrick Members of the All Greek Council will promote the values of Barry University, which include scholarship, service, leadership, citizenship, and Greek unity, provide programs that foster: personal, scholastic, social, leadership, brotherhood/sisterhood development amongst member organizations and their members, promote and survey the interests of the university’s fraternities and sororities as a whole, this includes the consideration that they are viable and valuable to collegiate experiences, facilitate communication and cooperation between member organizations, delegates, presidents and University administration, faculty, student body, other student organizations, and the greater Miami Shores community, act as a forum for discussion of ideas and questions of mutual interest, and to present to the member organizations recommendations that the All Greek Council deems fit, promote the Greek life by informing University members, non-Greek students and the Miami Shores community of the merits and accomplishments of the Greek community, and serve as the governing body for the Barry University Greek Community. Travis Hogue
Alpha Delta Gamma Fraternity, Inc. Dr. Victor Romano Each Alpha Delta Gamma (ADG) member is provided with the opportunity to reach his full potential through the five S's: community services, scholarship, spirituality, school spirit and social events. ADG's strive for friendship, even beyond their college years. The Psi Chapter of Alpha Delta Gamma has been a strong force on the Barry University campus for many years. Michael Barroso
Alpha Phi International Sorority, Inc. Greta Moncayo Each Alpha Phi member promotes the growth of character, of unity of feeling, of sisterly affection and of social communion among its members. And we who are thus united are under a solemn pledge to lend a helping hand to one another. Cindy Molina
Bahamian Student Association (BAHA) Evelyn Cartright BAHA members aims to unite the Bahamian population at Barry University, and educate the student body of the diverse and complex culture of the Bahamian people. By hosting cultural events not only consisting of Bahamian students, but also other cultural organizations in the Barry Community, to provide a stable 'home away from home' environment for all members, advocate their rights and interests of the Bahamian students of varying disciplines, as well as assist with the orientation process of the Bahamian students entering Barry University. Stephanie I. Rolle
Beats Linked In Sychronized Steps (B.L.I.S.S.) Yvonne Goodridge As a team and organization, B.L.I.S.S. creates an enjoyable connection between African culture and the Barry University community, as well as the greater community, through energetic performances, goal-orientated events, and volunteer projects. Dominique Franklin
Best Organization of Music (B.O.O.M.) Ranjeev Harrilal The purpose of B.O.O.M. is to bring students together who share a creative passion for music. The members will share their visions to create and discuss projects. Members will take field trips under the supervision of their advisor to local concerts, conventions, and destinations that wil embrace their objectives. Ryan McMillion
Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society (Tri-Beta) Leticia Vega Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society is a society for students, particularly for undergraduates. It seeks to encourage scholarly attainment in this field of learning by reserving its regular membership for those who achieve superior academic records and who indicate special aptitude for and major interest in the life of sciences. It desires to cultivate intellectual interest in the natural sciences and to promote a better appreciation of the value of biological study and thus welcome into associate membership all those students who are interested in biology. Shaynell Monreal
Biomedical Sciences Society Dr. Edward L. Orr The purpose of this organization is to help students become better prepared for the rigors of Medical, Dental and other professional schools. Through academic and social events, including mock interviews, shadowing experiences and a large amount of community service, we give students the tools needed to go on to Medical or Dental School and be successful. Through community service projects and various outreach events, students gain invaluable support with career planning, applications, and their class curriculum. BMS’s dedication to service has consistently been recognized by numerous awards and it thrives to continue this tradition. Located at the Hollywood Campus only. Patricia Reach
Black Student Union (BSU) Frederique Frage The Black Student Union (BSU) and its events and administrative functions aim to provide and maintain the best possible conditions for students of color to unite as a whole. (1) To stimulate Black unity, respect, and self-consciousness. (2) To provoke awareness of local, national, and international issues of interests to the Black community. (3) To participate in the social and political aspects of the Black community. (4) To serve as a positive influence in the academic environment of the Barry University campus. (5) To serve as an organizational base from which the concerns and needs of Black students can be addressed in the most efficient manner possible. Devin Plaskett
Bucettes Lorean Mapp The primary purpose of this majorette dance team is to support the athletic teams on campus. Chasidy Burgess
Business Club Charles Evans The Business Club will serve Barry University students who are interested in careers in business, as well as to develop the leadership and organizational abilities of its members. Adriana Wang
Campus Activities Board (CAB) Michael Malinowski The Campus Activities Board (CAB) was designed in 1991 by students for the students. CAB is a student-funded and operated organization, open to all Barry University students, which plans, coordinates and presents many of the campus-wide events for students at Barry. By utilizing the student's talents and energies, CAB strives to provide dynamic and diverse programs that meet the needs and interests of the students at our University. Maureen Kelly
Caribbean Student Association (CSA) Sonja Archer-Thompson (Administrative Info Systems) The Caribbean Students Association’s purpose is to establish a bond among students of the Caribbean culture on campus, and to promote and inform the Barry community about the richness and diversity in the Caribbean diaspora. We open our membership to students of all cultures so they may share in fellowship with us so we can all grow and learn together to build a better tomorrow. Our more popular club events include weekly general meetings with fun cultural edification activities, beach days, the annual FCSA Conference, collaborations with other campus organizations, and participation in the Center for Student Involvement and Student Organization Council organized events. Nikia Brooks
Cheerleading Team N/A Influenced by the spirit of the student body and traditions held at Barry University, the focus of this organization shall be to encourage and devote school spirit to all Barry University athletic teams, the student body, and student organizations. Marquet Houston
Chemistry Club Dr. George Fisher The Chemistry Club will promote professionalism and scholarship in chemistry and the general welfare of its members, will promote and maintain programs that enhance the quality of chemistry in the Barry community, and will increase knowledge of chemistry among members and the public. Victoria Hoelscher
Chi Sigma Iota International Honor Society Dr. Raul Machuca Chi Sigma Iota international Honor Society values academic and professional excellence in counseling. We promote a strong professional identity through members (professional counselors, counselor educators, and students) who contribute to the realization of a healthy society by fostering wellness and human dignity. Shyda Nematollahi
College Democrats Dr. Sean Foreman The purpose shall be to stimulate political thought and activity among the college students of Barry University, promote interest in governmental affairs, and further the philosophy and goals of the Democratic Party. Christopher Riker
College Republicans Dr. Sean Foreman The College Republicans will invigorate and maintain the political participation of Barry University students, faculty, and friends across all levels, with a preference for voters that indicate an approval for the club's platform, will make known the goals and ideals of the Republican National Party to the student body of Barry University, and to represent the interests of the Barry University student body to the Republican Party and the FFCR, will create and maintain close and active bonds with Republican members of government at the local, state, and national level as well as fellow members of the Republican Party across the state and country, and will develop political skills and leadership abilities among members as preparation for future service by them to the community and to the party. Marissa Dorsett
Diamonds Dance Team Silvia Lizama The Dance Team will promote school spirit, strive for excellence in dance and to set an academic and behavioral example for fellow students. The dance team will strive to develop and perfect dance skills as they relate to promote dance as a fine art. The Dance Team will represent Barry University appropriately at athletic events and school functions, as well as competitive dance events and performances. Good sportsmanship and conduct becoming a young woman will be stressed at all times. Sophia Ritter
Disability Services Stduent Advisory Board (DS-SAB) Allison Kowlessar The purpose of this organization is to educate the members, as well as the Barry University community at large, about the issues students with disabilities face on campus. DS-SAB will serve as an extension of the Office of Disability Services; another tool to help students advocate their needs or issues and ensure that their voices are heard by Barry. This will be achieved through biweekly meetings in which students will be able to communicate their needs, issues and concerns regarding services provided throughout the university. DS-SAB will generate possible solutions to these issues and decide which solution(s) can best address the issues. Members also partake in several activities and events meant to raise awareness of various types of disabilities. DS-SAB is comprised of peers (with and without disabilities) and aims to help alleviate the possible fear of stigmatization, while promoting the idea of inclusion and universal instruction of learning for all students. DS-SAB recruits Barry students from various schools and colleges in order to have a strong representation of the student body and foster diversity. Denis Ordonez
Eclipse Fashion Society Lorean Mapp The purpose of Eclipse Fashion society is to provide a club for student’s that love fashion design and modeling. The group takes part in the art of design, styling, make-up artistry, cosmetology and modeling. We put on high production runway shows and different showcases on and off campus. Our ultimate goal is to teach self confidence through these outlets. We welcome everyone, and prior experience is not necessary. Darlene Chikezie
Education Association (EAB) Dr. Javier Gonzalez EAB is a professional organization that provides its members with educational and charitable opportunities. Each meeting features a topic presented by a speaker who has expertise in the field. The EAB teams up with a classroom and participates in a semester long pen pal activity entitled “Barry Buddies.” Not only will you learn information about becoming a teacher that you won’t learn in the classroom, but you will make valuable relationships with other members of the program. It is easy to find a mentor and later, become one. Chandra Thomas
English Association (TEA) Lillian Schanfield The English Association is a group of students with a love for books, movies, writing, and other forms of artistic expression. We bring students together in an informal setting to discuss a variety of topics related to the humanities. We hope you will join us in expressing our passion for creativity. Yulia Nekrashevich
Females Excelling & Maximizing in Achievements through Leadership, Excellence & Success (FEMALES) Renee Fellinger F.E.M.A.L.E.S. (Females Excelling and Maximizing in Achievements through Leadership, Excellence, and Success) is a club for the young ladies of the university and geared toward women's empowerment. The club strives to create dialogue regarding today's society as it relates to women's issues, as well as collaborate with clubs within and outside of the university to benefit the surrounding community. Kristine Liautaud
Forensic Psychology Club (FPC) David Feldman The Forensic Psychology Club is an organization that represents the Forensic Psychology specialization that is within the Psychology Department. This club wants to create an organization that is open to work alongside those who are not only part of the Forensic Psychology specialization, but as well as interested in Forensic Psychology. We want to provide an environment where students can engage in activities related to Forensic Psychology, along with gaining experience of the field. As a club we are also very willing to work with our members in any research they would like to conduct, and of course participate in; we want to create an environment where the members interest in Forensic Psychology is recognized, acknowledged, and rewarded. Lorena Mejia
Graduate Association of Students of Psychology (GASP) Dr. Linda Bacheller Members in GASP will create an open environment that attracts, develops, and rewards highly professional and effective people, as well as support services to the South Florida community. Shanna Suttington
Green Team Silvia Macia The purpose of this club is to educate students, staff, and faculty on environmental issues, improve environmental practices on campus and in the community, and sponsor environmental affairs and events. Andrea Roberti
Haitian Inter-Cultural Association Robinson Joseph Each HICA member will promote Haitian Culture, provide services for the community, build up intellectual enrichment, promote school spirit, provide opportunities for students to develop intellectually, socially, spiritually, emotionally, and physically through a spirit of cooperation and mutual partnership among students, faculty, and staff, and to advocate Haitian tourism. Josue Beaubrun
Ignite Club Dr. Laura Finley Ignite is an organization that calls for members from all faculties of Barry University to come together in a movement of social justice and social change within the immediate Barry community or others as seen fit by the faculty advisor and the Executive board. The club’s purpose is to organize events that focus on local and global social justice issues like poverty, domestic violence, racism, worker’s rights, and other forms of inequality and injustice. This a STUDENT DRIVEN organization that collaborates with Pi Gamma Mu, the International Social Science Honor Society and other organizations such as No More Tears and College Brides Walk. Christina Larmond
Island VYBZ Dance Team Sonja Archer-Thompson Island Vybz Dance Team is a group of talented individuals from a diverse set of backgrounds. Our dancers come together to enlighten the Barry University community on how we dance and differ from the generally perceived notion of a dancer. Our dances range from Soca, Dance-hall, Salsa, Bachata, hip hop and even ballet. Island Vybz is also an extension organization of the Caribbean Student Association. Our dance team competes at the Florida Caribbean Student Association's Talent Competition and performs widely between on campus events such as moonlight madness, involvement fairs and any event requested to dance for. We are also requested off campus to participate in Miami Carnival, perform at Jerk festivals and to be apart of the Miami Flash Mob. If a wide range of dancing is what you are looking for, Island Vybz is the dance team for you. Sadia McKay
Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc. Daisy Santiago Lambda Theta Phi will serve as a source of support for students and professionals in pursuit of an education or career while promoting Latin unity. Alejandro Tobon
Latin American Student Association (LASA) Daisy Santiago Members of LASA are determined to define their Hispanic heritage in American political and social context. Acknowledging that 2,418 students enrolled at Barry are Hispanics, LASA will promote the Latin American culture and enhance cultural diversity on campus as well as work together to empower their community and contribute to the welfare of society. Bethany Parada
Medicine, Education and community Development (MEDlife) Dr. Jorge Lopez MEDlife is a secular, volunteer-run global health organization whose mission is to help families achieve greater freedom from the constraints of poverty, empowering them to live healthier lives.  We seek to achieve this goal through partnering with motivated individuals from poor communities working to improve their access to MEDs: Medicine, Education and community Development.  Janell McKinney
Men Achieving Leadership Excellence and Success (M.A.L.E.S) William Noel III Members of M.A.L.E.S seek to find solutions to become better men through various aspects: leadership activities, workshops which focus on improving communication skills, generating programs to benefit the entire student body, fostering brotherhood, and giving back to Barry and the surrounding communities through community service activities. Justin Hoyte
Minority Association of Pre-health Students (MAPS) Dr. Stephanie Bingham The members of the Minority Association of Pre-Health Students (MAPS) hereby commit ourselves to develop workable programs for the preparation of students entering health-related careers, sponsor programs for at-risk youth to encourage their entrance into health professions, and raise health career interests of African American, Hispanic American, Native American, and other students from under-represented populations. We will maintain an atmosphere in which academic excellence and ethical principles will be upheld. Alejandro Tobon
Model United Nations Club (B.M.U.N.) Dr. Sean Foreman Members of the Model United Nations will promote the mandates of the United Nations, provide services for the community, build up intellectual enrichment, promote school spirit, provide opportunities for students to develop intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically through a spirit of cooperation and mutual partnership among students, faculty, and staff as well as advocate social justice. John Powell
Nourish International Jennifer Williams The member of Nourish International established this chapter at Barry University in order to bring awareness, sustainability to the community by empowering and engaging students to make a lasting impact on extreme poverty. Verronika Laguerre
Nursing Students' Association Lauren Schwal The purpose of this association shall be: to help prepare nursing students for the role of registered professional nurse; provide leadership and mentoring for junior nursing students; to promote and encourage student participation in interdisciplinary activities and to provide a mechanism for BU nursing students to have direct input into standards of nursing education and to have influence in the educational process. Dominque Lissade
Order of Omega Honor Society Steven Ramos Order of Omega is an honor society for members of Greek organizations under the umbrella of the All Greek Council (AGC). The organization recognizes juniors and seniors who have exemplified high standards in the areas of scholarship, leadership, involvement within their respective organization and within the Greek, campus and local community. Members are selected from the top 3% of Greeks at each institution. Order of Omega now has over 500 chapters in the United States and Canada, and over 200,000 members! Andre Camacho
Pals-4-Paws Michael Robinson Club members promote and educate the Barry community of animal welfare by teaching healthy catch-spay/neuter-release techniques and volunteering at hands-on animal care facilities. Rachel Irwin
Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, International Dr. Jesus Mendez Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, International is a professional law fraternity advancing integrity, compassion and courage through service to the student, the school, the profession and the community. We are the preeminent law fraternity promoting the bonds of fraternalism and we are the leader in the development and advancement of professional ideals. Barry University's Phi Alpha Delta Chapter fosters encouragement and sense of belonging to those succeeding in the field of law. The Pre-Law fraternity at Barry bestows members with networking opportunities to establish everlasting bonds, great recognition, events, field trips, LSAT preparation, mock trial experiences, and guidance for future legal work Jospeh Pacheco
Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority, Inc. Laura Finley We are a dynamic, principled, passionately committed group of women who define ourselves not by our distinct differences, but by what we have in common. Our mission is to inspire the personal development of each sister and perpetuate the advancement of womanhood. Cassandra Denning
Philosophy Club Dr. Ruth Tallman Philosophy Club members will provide students interested in the study of philosophy with a venue in which to learn more about the discipline as well as the opportunity to engage in philosophical reasoning and dialogue with their peers. Rebecca Arroyo
Ping Pong Club Michael Bill The creation of this club was largely inspired by the good number of students, faculty, and staff in the Barry community who have shown interest in the game of Ping-Pong, commonly known as table tennis. This organization looks to foster, through the game of table tennis, the better mental and physical health of its members, as well as good sportsmanship between the players. N/A
Pinky Promise Karen Stalnaker Pinky Promise will allow women of the Christian faith to build a strong network within Barry's Community, through learning and growing with each other in Christ. Elexus Ryan
Pre-Dental Club Michael Bill The purpose of the Pre-Dental Club is to provide a forum for education about dental school and the application process; to provide a support group for those who are interested in exploring dental school as a form of continuing education and dentistry in general; to create networking opportunities amongst dental school faculty and Club members; to provide volunteer and service opportunities to help the greater community. Membership extends to Barry University Undergrads and BMS Grads interested in a career in dentistry. Ericka Lyman
PRIDE Ashley Austin Members of P.R.I.D.E. will provide empowerment and education on the topics of sexual orientation and gender identity. Stands against hate crimes, promote awareness as well as partake in the fight for equal rights. Furthermore, members will provide a safe haven and social network for members of the LGBTQA community. Diomaris Bello
Psi Chi Dr. David Feldman Psi Chi is an international honor society whose purpose shall be to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in scholarship of the individual members in all fields, particularly in psychology, and to advance the sience of psychology. Tiffany Lyon
Psychology Club Dr. Pamela Hall Psychology Club’s goal is to provide psychology students (and all others who are interested) with a safe environment to share their ideas, explore and research topics of their interests. The club also provides its members with the chance to socialize and support one another; the club is extremely active in the community and promotes the importance of service learning among its members. Presler Maxius
Remembering Unity Singing in Harmony (R.U.S.H.) Giselle Rios R.U.S.H (Remembering Unity Singing in Harmony) is an organization formed for musicians, singers and people who simply love music to join together and enjoy singing with each other. The organization sings all genres of music from Gospel to African and performs for local and school events. This organization is special because it's only one of two musical clubs at Barry University. Its members are from all majors and this gives each of them the opportunity not to just meet new people but to do what they love on the campus they love as well. Follow us on Instagram at @r.u.s.h_barryu. Shai-naisha Daniels
Residence Hall Association (RHA) Leisel Douglas Residence Hall Association (RHA) is an organization run by student leaders who live on campus with the purpose of unifying the residence hall communities by program implementation and support, responding to concerns voiced by residents, and improving the overall Barry residential experience. We believe that it is important to educate students about the importance of community- at the floor, building, campus, and the greater Barry community level itself. Luis Quinones
Sigma Alpha Phi (National Society of Leadership & Success) Steven Ramos The Society is the nation's largest leadership honor society in which students are selected for membership based on academic standing. In addition to honorable distinction, the Society provides a step-by-step program for members to build their leadership skills. Membership is for life and provides access to benefits including scholarships and awards, exclusive on-campus events, employer recruitment through an online job bank, and discounts on computers, textbooks, grad school prep courses, insurance and much more. Click on this link for more details: Rebecca Leppert
Smart Talks JR Steele Members of Smart Talks will nurture the social environment at Barry University by providing an opportunity for students to enhance their awareness of world issues, while building communication skills, through the discussion of ideas with peers outside the classroom. As a result of these stimulating conversations, theclubwill nurture those willing to turn these ideas into action. Samantha De Jesus
Sport Medicine Club Jessica Mora Nurquez The Sports Medicine Club members will provide knowledge and support to all students aspiring to be Certified Athletic Trainers, as well as those interested in what this career consists of. Hailey Lugo
Student Government Association (SGA) LaKima Garnett Student Government gives every undergraduate student the chance to practice and develop leadership skills while representing their peers and improving the University and student life. Students involved in Student Government have the chance to interact with the University administration and faculty and work in a collaborative manner to better Barry University. Student Government members are respected as leaders of the student body, and their input is often sought in making important decisions for the University. Lavelle Dunn
Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) Dr. Stephen Morrell The Barry University Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF), founded in 2011, is a student-founded and student-run investment research and management organization. The SMIF has been supported by Barry University’s Board of Trustees, who has allocated monies from the University’s endowment as the corpus of the funds for the SMIF to invest. Consistent with Barry University’s mission, SMIF has two primary purposes. First, to provide experiential education where students learn the many and varied practical uses and applications of the classroom theories, concepts, principles of security research, and valuation. Students also learn the design, construction and management of portfolios of securities. This experiential education is provided via real-time and first hand experiences. SMIFs second purpose is to contribute to community well-being by providing financial literacy programs through collaborative and mutually productive partnerships, via real-time, first hand experiences Xavier Flores
Student Organization Council Gerard Smithwrick The Student Organization Council (SOC) acts as the advocate for all registered and recognized clubs and organizations. Student Organization Council believes that clubs and organizations are the life of the campus and an individual’s decision to get involved is essential to truly enjoying their college years. To ensure that student involvement in a club or organization is a rewarding experience SOC will provide leadership opportunities, strive to develop a spirit of unity, and represent the interest of all organizations while catering to the needs of all student leaders. Additionally, SOC will assist organizations and help them to remain in good standing with the council, as well as encourage interaction and communication among organizations and students to increase awareness of the clubs and organizations at Barry University. Karina Salinas
Student Social Work Association (SSWA) Jennifer Williams The Student of Social Work Association (SSWA) is an organization that supports and strengthens the School of Social Work, improves professionalism for students, builds relationships between cohorts, enhances the educational process, promotes communicative relations among students, faculty and staff, which then forms a continuing network for active members and vow to uphold the NASW Code of Ethics. Shai-naisha Daniels
Theta Alpha Kappa Dr. Gloria Schaab The purpose of Theta Alpha Kappa is to recognize the academic achievements of religion and theology students. It is the only national honor society dedicated to recognizing academic excellence in baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate students and in scholars in the fields of Religious Studies and Theology.
Veteran Student Organization (VSO) Jason Abreu Each members of VSO will provide a support system on campus for veteran students to achieve their academic goals here at Barry. Furthermore, members will provide a means for social interaction and an outlet to share experience and information beneficial to veterans. Roxanne Rosales Urena
WBUJ Radio Club Mahen Savermuttu The WBUJ Radio Club provides training in broadcasting for students and to educate and inform the Barry campus about alternative music and educational broadcasting. Sophia Ritter