Student Organizations Directory (Sorted by Category)


OrganizationAdvisorPurpose StatementPresident
Business Leaders AssociationCharles EvansThe Business Club will serve Barry University students who are interested in careers in business, as well as to develop the leadership and organizational abilities of its members.Kerri Richardson
Chemistry ClubDr. George FisherInfluenced by the spirit of the student body and traditions held at Barry University, the focus of this organization shall be to encourage and devote school spirit to all Barry University athletic teams, the student body, and student organizations.Diana Cordero
Leaders and Advocates of Black Psychology Dr. Pamela Hall Jordan Pate
Men Achieving Leadership Excellence and SuccessJustin HoyteMembers of M.A.L.E.S seek to find solutions to become better men through various aspects: leadership activities, workshops which focus on improving communication skills, generating programs to benefit the entire student body, fostering brotherhood, and giving back to Barry and the surrounding communities through community service activities.Joseph Medrano
Pre-Dental ClubDr. Xiaotang HuThe purpose of the Pre-Dental Club is to provide a forum for education about dental school and the application process; to provide a support group for those who are interested in exploring dental school as a form of continuing education and dentistry in general; to create networking opportunities amongst dental school faculty and Club members; to provide volunteer and service opportunities to help the greater community. Membership extends to Barry University Undergrads and BMS Grads interested in a career in dentistry.Andre Roberti
Sport, Exercise, and Performance PsychologyKimberly Cologgi Brittany Calaluca


OrganizationAdvisorPurpose StatementPresident
Bahamian Student Association Ms. Margaret Robinson-MajorMarvonne Sands
Black Student UnionFrederique FrageThe Black Student Union (BSU) and its events and administrative functions aim to provide and maintain the best possible conditions for students of color to unite as a whole. (1) To stimulate Black unity, respect, and self-consciousness. (2) To provoke awareness of local, national, and international issues of interests to the Black community. (3) To participate in the social and political aspects of the Black community. (4) To serve as a positive influence in the academic environment of the Barry University campus. (5) To serve as an organizational base from which the concerns and needs of Black students can be addressed in the most efficient manner possible. Tysonnia Ford
Caribbean Student AssociationBrittany RhodenThe Caribbean Students Association’s purpose is to establish a bond among students of the Caribbean culture on campus, and to promote and inform the Barry community about the richness and diversity in the Caribbean diaspora. We open our membership to students of all cultures so they may share in fellowship with us so we can all grow and learn together to build a better tomorrow. Our more popular club events include weekly general meetings with fun cultural edification activities, beach days, the annual FCSA Conference, collaborations with other campus organizations, and participation in the Center for Student Involvement and Student Organization Council organized events.Kyra Campbell
Haitian Intercultural AssociationRobinson JosephSophonie Dagrin
Latin American Student AssociationDaisy SantiagoMembers of LASA are determined to define their Hispanic heritage in American political and social context. Acknowledging that 2,418 students enrolled at Barry are Hispanics, LASA will promote the Latin American culture and enhance cultural diversity on campus as well as work together to empower their community and contribute to the welfare of society.Emily Escobar


OrganizationAdvisorPurpose StatementPresident
Alpha PhiWendy VilletaEmily Wavrek
Lambda Theta PhiDaisy SantiagoChristian Mesa
Phi Sigma SigmaDr. Laura FinleyChristina Roca

Honor Society

OrganizationAdvisorPurpose StatementPresident
Phi Beta Delta Honor Society For International ScholarsFrederique Frage Ingeborg de Weever


OrganizationAdvisorPurpose StatementPresident
Biomedical Science SocietyDr. Elisabeth LondonoThe purpose of this organization is to help students become better prepared for the rigors of Medical, Dental and other professional schools. Through academic and social events, including mock interviews, shadowing experiences and a large amount of community service, we give students the tools needed to go on to Medical or Dental School and be successful. Through community service projects and various outreach events, students gain invaluable support with career planning, applications, and their class curriculum. BMS’s dedication to service has consistently been recognized by numerous awards and it thrives to continue this tradition. Located at the Hollywood Campus only.Jessica Pollow
Forensic Podiatry ClubDr. Jon HouseworthThe purpose of this club is: 1. To bring together Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Candidates of the Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery, in order to share a common goal of understanding forensic podiatry and its applications. 2. Place emphasis on the field of forensic podiatry and how it relates to other aspects of podiatry. 3. Explore the field of forensic podiatry via discussions and workshops. 4. Develop and initiate research ideas and methods within forensic podiatry.Elizabeth Ann Ansert
MEDLifeJoel CollazoParis Davis
Minority Association of Pre-health StudentsDr. Stephanie BinghamThe members of the Minority Association of Pre-Health Students (MAPS) hereby commit ourselves to develop workable programs for the preparation of students entering health-related careers, sponsor programs for at-risk youth to encourage their entrance into health professions, and raise health career interests of African American, Hispanic American, Native American, and other students from under-represented populations. We will maintain an atmosphere in which academic excellence and ethical principles will be upheld.Talia Garrett


OrganizationAdvisorPurpose StatementPresident
Barrry Cheer ClubElisa PearsonGabriella Galguera
Barry University’s Diamond Dance TeamYvonne GoodridgeSherrell Glover
BarrytonesGiselle RiosIsis F. Ferreira
Euphoric VibesEvelyn CartrightWillis Welcome
Island VYBZ DancerzFrederique FrageIsland Vybz Dance Team is a group of talented individuals from a diverse set of backgrounds. Our dancers come together to enlighten the Barry University community on how we dance and differ from the generally perceived notion of a dancer. Our dances range from Soca, Dance-hall, Salsa, Bachata, hip hop and even ballet. Island Vybz is also an extension organization of the Caribbean Student Association. Our dance team competes at the Florida Caribbean Student Association's Talent Competition and performs widely between on campus events such as moonlight madness, involvement fairs and any event requested to dance for. We are also requested off campus to participate in Miami Carnival, perform at Jerk festivals and to be apart of the Miami Flash Mob. If a wide range of dancing is what you are looking for, Island Vybz is the dance team for you.Marly Jean-Jacques
Remembering Unity Singing in HarmonyCaolanny MeloR.U.S.H (Remembering Unity Singing in Harmony) is an organization formed for musicians, singers and people who simply love music to join together and enjoy singing with each other. The organization sings all genres of music from Gospel to African and performs for local and school events. This organization is special because it's only one of two musical clubs at Barry University. Its members are from all majors and this gives each of them the opportunity not to just meet new people but to do what they love on the campus they love as well. Follow us on Instagram at @r.u.s.h_barryu.Brittany McIntosh
WBUJ Radio Station 99.5 Fm The MixMahen SaverimuttuGirlari Rivera


OrganizationAdvisorPurpose StatementPresident
Eclipse Fashion SocietyYvonne GoodridgeThe purpose of Eclipse Fashion society is to provide a club for student’s that love fashion design and modeling. The group takes part in the art of design, styling, make-up artistry, cosmetology and modeling. We put on high production runway shows and different showcases on and off campus. Our ultimate goal is to teach self confidence through these outlets. We welcome everyone, and prior experience is not necessary.Keivanee Lake


OrganizationAdvisorPurpose StatementPresident
Barry College DemocratsDr. Sean ForemanAntonio F. Rodriguez


OrganizationAdvisorPurpose StatementPresident
Barry Lacrosse ClubThomas AndrianiSteven Worthy


OrganizationAdvisorPurpose StatementPresident
College For ChristRichard ClrmentCollege for Christ is designed for students to engage in community and fellowship in response to the love of Jesus Christ. The Barry Community is welcomed to learn about the love of Jesus and what it means to grow as believers in Christ. People yearn for something desirable in life. When times get tough, one must lean on something to progress through life. Leaning in Jesus is what we believe in. His love is the topic of discussion.Jenifer Sanhou
Jewish Life @ BarryDr. Priva FischweicherAriella Gordon


OrganizationAdvisorPurpose StatementPresident
Barry Green TeamPatrica RamlowPaula Lopez-Hernandez
Saudi Buc's ClubFrederique FrageMeshaal Alkahtani
Student Social Work Association Fabio A. Naranjo The Student of Social Work Association (SSWA) is an organization that supports and strengthens the School of Social Work, improves professionalism for students, builds relationships between cohorts, enhances the educational process, promotes communicative relations among students, faculty and staff, which then forms a continuing network for active members and vow to uphold the NASW Code of Ethics.Ashley Ferguson
Student Veterans of America (Veteran Student Association)Rosie PumariegaRaul Lopez
Student/ Farmworker AllianceCourtney BerrienParis Razor
Women's Beast & Heart InitiativeDr. Joel Collazo Brianna Olive

Special Interest

OrganizationAdvisorPurpose StatementPresident
Barry University Student Alumni AssociationMeghan HomerDevin Davis
Disability Services Student Advisory BoardDr. Eileen McDonoughDenis Ordonez
Females Excelling & Maximizing in Achievements through Leadership, Excellence & SuccessDr. Laura FinleyF.E.M.A.L.E.S. (Females Excelling and Maximizing in Achievements through Leadership, Excellence, and Success) is a club for the young ladies of the university and geared toward women's empowerment. The club strives to create dialogue regarding today's society as it relates to women's issues, as well as collaborate with clubs within and outside of the university to benefit the surrounding community.Christina Johnson
P.R.I.D.E.Ashley Austin Luis Grant-Olivares
Sports Medicine ClubDr. Meredith ParryThe Sports Medicine Club members will provide knowledge and support to all students aspiring to be Certified Athletic Trainers, as well as those interested in what this career consists of.Brenna Allen

University Funded Organization

OrganizationAdvisorPurpose StatementPresident
National Society of Leadership & SuccessDr. Hosiella LongoriaCourtney Webb; Brooke Cottman
Student Government AssociationLarry PerezStudent Government gives every undergraduate student the chance to practice and develop leadership skills while representing their peers and improving the University and student life. Students involved in Student Government have the chance to interact with the University administration and faculty and work in a collaborative manner to better Barry University. Student Government members are respected as leaders of the student body, and their input is often sought in making important decisions for the University.Janene Bottinelli
Student Government Association - Division of Campus ActivitiesMatthew HayesMadison Monett