Within their studies for the M.A. in Theology, students may pursue specific concentrations in keeping with their ministerial context. These concentrations are in Hispanic/Latino Theology and Ministry and in Liturgical Studies.

Concentration in U.S. Hispanic/Latino(a) Theology and Ministry

The Department offers a Concentration in Hispanic/Latino Theology and Ministry as an opportunity for those who wish to acquire professional training in theology in light of the increasing number of Hispanic/Latino Catholic congregations and to reflect on the fundamental questions of human experience and the responses to these questions proposed by the liberal arts and sciences. The Master of Arts in Theology with a Concentration in Hispanic/Latino Ministry and Theology requires that students select three (3) of their six (6) elective courses from the Hispanic/ Latino Theology and Ministry curriculum. These three courses include both of the Foundational Courses (THE 630 and THE 632) and one other course from the Hispanic/Latino(a) Theology and Ministry curriculum.

Coursework for the Concentration in Hispanic/Latino Theology and Ministry includes the following:


  • THE 630G/630 US Hispanic/Latino(a) Theology
  • THE 632G/632 Hispanic/Latino(a) Ministry and Practical Theology

Distribution (3 Courses)

  • THE 716G/716 Latino(a) Popular Religiosity and its Ethics of Solidarity
  • THE 717G/717 Feminista/Mujerista Theology
  • THE 718G718 Liturgy and Preaching in Latino(a) Congregations
  • THE 720G/720 Christian Spirituality and US Hispanic/Latino(a) Experience

Concentration in Liturgical Studies


The Concentration in Liturgical Studies provides specialized instruction and professional preparation for those desiring to deepen and expand their understanding of the Christian sacramental and liturgical tradition. It serves the needs of Catholic and Protestant catechists, worship coordinators, church musicians, teachers, chaplains, and other lay ecclesial ministers seeking a strong foundation in liturgical/sacramental studies. The Concentration in Liturgical Studies requires a minimum of 15 credit hours (5 courses) which includes two (2) core liturgical/sacramental courses plus three (3) electives from liturgical/sacramental curriculum.

Coursework for the Concentration in Liturgical Studies includes the following:


  • THE 639G/639 Foundations of Liturgy
  • THE 642G/642 Sacramental Theology


  • THE 641G/641 Liturgical Time and Prayer
  • THE 643G/643 Rites of Christian Initiation
  • THE 668G/668 Psalms in Worship
  • THE 709G/709 Special Topics in Liturgy
  • THE 718G/718 Liturgy and Preaching in Latino Congregations

Concentration In Healthcare Ethics

Health care in the United States has its roots in the hospital care that congregations of Catholic women religious have provided. Increasingly, lay persons have taken up the responsibilities of directing operations. Both the congregations and lay persons sharing their ministry are concerned with continuing the original mission and charism of the founding orders. The Department program in Healthcare Ethics addresses some of these concerns as it provides an examination of the ethics that informs healthcare ministries. The Concentration in Healthcare Ethics at Barry includes a minimum of 15 course credit hours (5 courses) with a core of 3 courses.

Coursework For The Concentration In Healthcare Ethics Includes The Following:


  • THE 552G/552 Method in Practical Theology or THE 609: Introduction to Systematic Theology
  • THE 653G/653 Classics in Bioethics
  • THE 667G/667 HSA 525 Health Care Policy

Electives (2 Courses)

  • THE 658G/658 Death and Dying
  • THE 669G/669 HSA 530 Health Law
  • THE 671G/671 Organizational Ethics for Healthcare Providers
  • THE 672G/672 Mission and Advocacy
  • THE 674G/674 Ethical Concerns of Reproductive and Genetic Technologies
  • THE 675G/675 Ethical Concerns in Neo-Natal Care and the Welfare of Children
  • THE 712G/712 Topics in Bioethics