Barry faculty and staff take part in 13th Biennial Dominican Colloquium

Barry faculty and staff take part in 13th Biennial Dominican Colloquium

Members of the Barry University community recently joined leaders from other Dominican institutions at the 13th Biennial Dominican Colloquium. Fifteen members of the Barry faculty and staff attended the conference which was hosted by Malloy College.

Held every other year at one of the 17 Dominican colleges and universities, the Dominican Colloquium serves as an avenue for faculty, staff, and students to come together and engage in discussions on their Dominican heritage and issues impacting Catholic Higher Education. This year’s theme was “Inspiring Compassion, Fostering Engagement Locally-Nationally-Globally.”

Faculty, staff, and students from 15 Dominican colleges and universities presented on topics ranging from service learning and community partnerships to research and technology.

Barry’s engagement at the Colloquium was impressive with all 15 attendees serving as presenters, including Sister Linda Bevilacqua, OP, PhD who participated on a panel entitled Building Community through Partnerships.

Presentations given by members of the Barry community included:

Towards a Dominican Model of Higher Educations
Stephen O. Morrell, PhD

Social Justice Education through Service-Learning in the Higher Education Curriculum
Glenn Bowen, PhD

Transforming First-Year Experience Programs to Cultivate Socially Aware and Involved Students
Brett Klein

Inspiring Social Responsibility through the Freshman Seminar and Vocational Discernment Initiatives
John Moriarty, MBA and Eileen McDonough, EdD

Building Community through Innovative Partnerships
Sister Linda Bevilacqua, OP, PhD, Roxanne Davies, PhD, Jack Dezek, PhD, Carlos Viera, MEd (Miami Dade County Public Schools)

Nurturing a Contemplative Spirit
Reverend Carl Cramer, EdD

Using Storytelling Research Methodology to Explore Tenets of the Leadership and Spirituality in Management and Decision-Making for Three Diverse Women Leaders
Carole Huberman, PhD and Cynthia Davis, PhD

Panem Nostrum Quotidianum: Exploring Economic Justice through Food
Manual, J. Tejeda, PhD

From Mission Alignment to Lived Curriculum: Faculty Walking the Walk in a Doctoral Level “Special Topics” Course
Jill B. Farrell, EdD and Carter A. Winkle, PhD

Lessons Learned in Service Learning
Steffano Montano