Educational Information

Welcome to Barry University and the Veterans Affairs Education Program! As you know, there are various federal regulations as well as university policies that regulate the distribution of your VA benefits. In order to ensure that you understand your responsibilities as well as the VA and school regulations that govern your enrollment and benefits, the following is a list of important items you need to be aware of.


Official transcripts from all institutions previously attended (including military transcripts) must be submitted to the university. You must be fully admitted to the university and prior credit evaluated within two semesters or before the completion of 12 credits in order to continue to receive your VA benefits.

Official Evaluation

The VA states that you must take only the courses that are required for your degree program and that are listed on your evaluation. Few elective credits are eligible for certification. The VA will not pay for classes that you have previously received credit for.

Chage of Degree Program

If you change your degree program you will need to submit VA form 22-1995 - Change of Program or Place of Training with the VA. Only the VA can approve educational goal changes.

Monthly Verification of Attendance

All students under CHAPTER 30, 1606 OR 1607 must verify their enrollment monthly to the VA in order to receive payment. This should be done through the Web Automated Verification Enrollment system (WAVE) at


Your VA Counselor will monitor your enrollment throughout the term however it is your responsibility to report all changes in your enrollment to your Barry VA Counselor immediately. Dropping credits may cause an overpayment and the VA will hold you responsible for any funds owed back to them.

Post 9/11 Chapter 33 Payments

The Veterans Administration's cap on tuition and fees at a private university for the 2016-17 school year is $21,970.46.

Yellow Ribbon Program/Post 9/11 Chapter 33

Barry University participates in the Yellow Ribbon program. Veterans who are at the 100% benefit level under the Post 9/11 GI BillĀ® and who reach the Maximum Tuition Reimbursement Rate for the academic year may be eligible for additional funding under the Yellow Ribbon program. Please visit for the VA tuition reimbursement rate and for the Yellow Ribbon contribution.

Satisfactory Progress

Student using VA benefits must make satisfactory progress towards graduation. Probation or suspension status is reported to the VA. Grades of W, F, I may result in an overpayment of benefits.

Remedial Courses

Enrollment in remedial courses will not be certified unless placement testing establishes the need.

Rate of Pursuit

Your enrollment status (full time, half time) determines the amount of monthly benefits you will receive. For a full explanation of benefits please visit