A Lucky Charm: Bridget Bradshaw

A Lucky Charm: Bridget Bradshaw
Bradshaw was a member of the 2001 women's basketball Sweet 16 team. Photo by: Marc Hagemeir.
By: Lauren Kane
Bridget Bradshaw is one lucky woman.
Lucky to be a part of the first-ever Sweet 16 run by the women’s basketball team in 2001 . . . lucky to work at Live Nation as the Director of Sales . . . and so lucky that she went to Barry University.
Bridget Bradshaw You see, Bradshaw (left) was a basketball player. Her sophomore year the Buccaneers made it to the Sweet 16 round in the NCAA tournament with two wins over conference rivals Florida Southern and Rollins. This particular team was special and succeeded to a level that no other team has yet to reach. And Bradshaw could not have been happier.
“Going to the Sweet 16 is probably one of the most treasured memories I ever had,” Bradshaw remembered. “I so was full of joy.”
This team was special to Bradshaw not only because of their on-court success, but because of the unity and sisterhood that subsequently took place. This Memphis, Tennessee native with three brothers could not get enough.
“This was a sisterhood I had never before experienced,” Bradshaw remarked. “We had girls from all different countries—Bosnia, France, Haiti, and Yugoslavia—and we never would have crossed paths or been friends had it not been for basketball. I feel so lucky that Barry was so international.” 
In addition to balling, Bradshaw was also a sport management major. After graduating with her degree in 2003, Bradshaw interned at Florida International University under her previous head coach Jan Allen. Through her connections, she then worked with the Orange Bowl Committee for six months. That job opened the door for her next position with SFX Sports Group in D.C.
SFX is a talent management and marketing agency that represents over 500 of the world’s elite professional athletes in a multitude of sports. Through her position, Bradshaw worked with such esteemed clients and world-renowned tennis players Andre Agassi and Andy Roddick. 
Clear Channel Entertainment owned SFX and its sister company, Live Nation. Live Nation is the largest promoter of live concerts in the world and the second-largest entertainment venue management company. When Clear Channel spun the music and sports divisions off, Bradshaw jumped ship and began working at Live Nation. She is now the Director of Sales and runs the VIP program for corporate sales.
“I am very happy with Live Nation,” Bradshaw stated. “My job is to go to concerts and see some of the greatest artists of all time. I feel pretty lucky.”
Bradshaw owes some of her success to the intimate Barry atmosphere that fostered a personal relationship with her teachers.
“Barry is a smaller school where your advisors really get to know you and give guidance,” she explained.
Being a student-athlete also instilled a lot of qualities that has made Bradshaw victorious.
“Being a student-athlete is a juggling responsibility,” Bradshaw remarked. “Once you get in the real world you realize you can juggle since you’ve done it before. It paved the way for my success.”
Where does Bradshaw see herself in the future? Well, she’s always maintained a close relationship with some sports agents, so that could be something fun down the road.
Well then, we wish you the best of luck, Bridget. But wait, you probably don’t need any.