Political science professor writes article on presidential race for the Florida Political Chronicle

Political science professor writes article on presidential race for the Florida Political Chronicle

Barry University’s associate professor of Political Science, Dr. Sean Foreman, and president of the Florida Political Science Association (FPSA) – the professional organization for political scientists around the state – has just published a new article for the Florida Political Chronicle.

The Florida Political Chronicle is the annual regional scholarly journal of the FPSA on politics and international affairs and its 2012 Presidential Election Issue is the latest edition featuring new research into term-limits, Obama v. Romney, essays and a book review.

Foreman’s article titled “Top 10 Reasons Why Barack Obama Won the U.S. Presidency in 2008 and What it Means in the 2012 Election” is a timely analysis of the 10 key points that allowed Sen. Barack Obama to win the U.S. Presidency in 2008 over both Democratic front-runner Sen. Hillary Clinton and rival Republican nominee Sen. John McCain.

The article lists: 1) It was a Democrat’s year (2008); 2) Change messages resonate with voters; 3) Obama raised more money (2008 vs. 2012); 4) McCain’s vs. Romney’s ages; 5) Youth vote and enthusiasm; 6) Palin Factor in Vice-President selection; 7) Bradley Effect vs. Obama Effect; 8) Use of new Media (Facebook; Twitter; internet); 9) Liberal Media Bias; and 10) “It’s the economy, stupid!”

Foreman compares those same 10 factors to see their influence in the 2012 Presidential Campaign between President Obama and Republican nominee Gov. Mitt Romney, in a fight over campaign funding, voting behavior, voter registration, national economy and qualitative characteristics.

The Florida Political Science Association is a non-profit professional scholarly organization of university professors and political scientists associated with the national American Political Science Association, promoting political science research, education, and service throughout the state of Florida. The association spans the state bringing together political scientists at public and private institutions to network, to collaborate on research, and to discuss innovative strategies in the classroom. 

To view the Florida Political Chronicle’s 2012 Presidential Election Issue visit: http://www.fpsanet.org/2012-presidential-election-edition.html