Making a Difference in Computer Science

Making a Difference in Computer Science

The South Florida Digital Alliance granted Hernan Londono, PhD, Barry University Associate Chief Information Officer, their Education Award for the community internships he facilitates for Computer Information Systems students.

“It means a lot to me,” Dr. Londono says. “It’s a moment of pride, and a moment where you reflect and say ‘Okay, I’m on the right path and it’s important to continue to do this.’”

Dr. Londono aligns the academic skills and strengths of students with meaningful internships through South Florida Digital Alliance (SFDA) community organizations. The program addresses the community service missions of both Barry University and the non-profit SFDA, for which Dr. Londono serves as a Board member. 

“As a university, our effort is to help our computer science students explore and practice the skills that they learn here in the best way, [and] positively affect communities that need their services and their help,” Dr. Londono says. “When you pair those up, it’s a double whammy -- and everybody wins. “

Interns instruct seniors on computer technology, help students in underserved communities learn coding and work with organizations to provide greater Internet connectivity throughout South Florida. The community benefits, and so do the students. “As best as I know, all of them have found jobs,” says Dr. Londono. “And a number have stayed at places where they did their internship. They’ve been asked to stay.”