Insurance Information

Important information about the 2017-2018 United Healthcare Student Resources Student Insurance Plan.

Enrollment in this plan is available for students on a per semester basis. Student requests for insurance must be submitted through MyBarry. Enrollment is available for Spouse/Dependent(s) through You must be enrolled in the student plan and effective in the UHCSR system before you can request Spouse/Dependent coverage Spousal/Dependent coverage terms run concurrently with the student coverage terms. To be eligible for coverage, students must actively attend classes for the first 31 days after the date for which coverage is purchased. Home study, correspondence and online courses do not fulfiull the eligibility requirements that the student actively attend classes.

Premium rates for All full-time students
8/1/17 - 7/31/18
8/1/17- 12/31/17
Spring ONLY
1/1/18 - 5/7/18
Spring & Summer
1/1/18 - 7/31/18
Summer ONLY
5/8/18 - 7/31/18

*If you want to enroll for the Annual Premium, you must enroll directly through UHCSR after August 1st. Premium is required at the time of enrollment. Policy start date begins on the date you enroll when choosing this option.

Policy Highlights:

  • Fully compliant ACA nationwide insurance plan (UHC PPO Choice)
  • Deductible Preferred Providers - $600 (Per Insured Person, Per Policy Year)
  • Deductible Out-of-Network - $12,000 (Per Insured Person, Per Policy Year)
  • Coinsurance Preferred Providers - 20% (See policy details)
  • Coinsurance Out-of-Network - 50% (See policy details)
  • Out-of-Pocket Maximum Preferred Providers - $7,150 (Per Insured Person, Per Policy Year)
  • Out-of-Pocket Maximum Preferred Providers - $14,300 (Family maximum, Per Policy Year)

Further information on policy details is available on the web at and

Enrollment Process:

You must complete an enrollment form. You will not be automatically added to this plan. The last date to enroll in this plan: Fall 2017 semester – August 31, 2017; Spring 2018 semester – January 19, 2018; Summer 2018 semester-May 31, 2018.

To complete the enrollment request.

  • Login to your MyBarry page,
  • Go to the Resources Section,
  • Click on Student Health & Insurance Requirements,
  • Click on Health Insurance-Waiver,
  • Click on “I need to purchase health insurance”,
  • Complete each form and hit submit.

Before submitting it is recommended that you print a copy of the completed enrollment form for your records. After you have submitted all forms, you should receive a confirmation email to your Mymail messages box. Please retain this email as proof of enrollment. If you do not receive the email, please contact Student Health Services at

For questions regarding payment for this insurance plan, please contact the Cashier Business Office at 305-899-3585 or via email at

Please be advised! The Student Health Services is unable to guarantee that your premium will be billed to your student account prior to you receiving your financial reimbursement.

Student Insurance Cancellation Policy! If you find it necessary to cancel your Student Insurance Plan you must do so prior to the policy’s semester start date. The insurance request cannot be cancelled or changed and is non-refundable after the effective date of the policy for the enrolling semester(s). If after you have completed this enrollment form, you or your parent/guardian/spouse, etc. decide to choose a different insurance plan, please be sure to do so well in advance of the policy start date noted below, to ensure that your cancellation request can be granted.

To Cancel This Plan You Must:

Complete the insurance cancellation form and submit it to SHS prior to the policy start date for the enrolling semester (This pertains to all students wishing to cancel their plan - See cancellation deadlines below).


Provide a copy of the front and back of your private insurance card to the SHC and complete an insurance waiver through MyBarry. (This requirement is for students attending classes on an F1 or J1 visa, and/or residing in any/all University provided housing.)

Last date to cancel: Summer 2017-5/7/2017; Fall 2017-7/31/2017; Spring and Spring-Summer 2018-12/31/2017; Summer Only 2018-5/7/2018. Cancellation requests made after the policy effective date will not be granted. The insurance cancellation form can be obtained at SHS or can be faxed or emailed to you upon request. During holiday breaks when the University is closed, (Thanksgiving 11/23 & 11/24/2017 and Christmas break 12/18/2017-1/1/2018 only), and you are unable to obtain the Fall 2017 enrollment cancellation form from SHS, you may email a request to cancel to (include your Student ID#). Emailed cancellation requests will only be accepted if dated as sent/received during the days noted above prior to the policy start date. Include a copy of the front and back of your new insurance card in the email cancellation request. All emails will be addressed when the University reopens. Reminder! Completing the insurance waiver or housing release form, does not replace the need for the insurance cancellation form and other requirements listed above.

If you have any questions regarding insurance enrollment or cancellation, or need additional information please feel free to contact our office at (305) 899-3750 or via email at

Student Health Access Plan

All Full-time undergraduate students attending class on the Barry University main campus (Miami Shores) and all graduate students residing in University provided housing will be billed for a mandatory $60 Student Health Access Plan on a per semester basis, once in the fall and once in the spring. All other students may purchase the plan if they wish to utilize the primary care services at Student Health Services.

This plan provides the following coverage:

  • Unlimited visits for evaluation by a Registered Nurse during SHS hours of operation.
  • Unlimited primary care visits with a Nurse Practitioner for the semester during SHS hours of operation.
  • Select over the counter medications in limited quantities.
  • Select prescriptive medications (high cost medications may have a nominal co-payment).
  • Immunizations are not covered for students with primary insurance other than the Barry Sponsored UHCSR plan. The cost for immunizations at SHS is discounted below community standard pricing and is billed to the student account.

Please Note:

  • The Student Health Access Plan covers services provided ONLY through Student Health Services (SHS). This plan IS NOT an insurance plan and WILL NOT cover the cost of medical treatment or medications at off-campus providers. It is strongly advised that all students maintain a private comprehensive health insurance plan. Please see the University health insurance requirement at .
  • This plan covers most services provided at SHS except; immunization and Laboratory tests. Laboratory tests must be sent to an off-site lab and will be billed through the patient’s primary insurance. Any unpaid balance owed to the laboratory is the patient’s responsibility.

The Student Health Access Plan is mandatory and cannot be waived for any reason. This plan will continue to renew for each subsequent semester for Graduate students that remain in University housing. It is the responsibility of the Graduate student to notify SHS if they make the decision not to reside in University housing for the subsequent semester.

Accident Plan Information

Procedure for Filing an Accident Claim

In the event that you have suffered an injury that requires medical attention, please follow the procedure below:

  • Occupational Exposure, (needle stick or bodily fluid exposure)
    • Wash the wound and skin site that have been exposed to blood or bodily fluids with soap and water. Mucous membranes should be flushed with water.
    • Report your injury to your clinical supervisor immediately!
    • Immediately seek care by a qualified health care provider(ER, Urgent Care or a health care provider that can provide appropriate guidance on the need for antiretroviral prophylaxis)
    • Follow all federal (OSHA) and state requirements for recording and reporting occupational injuries and exposures as per the clinical site and the Barry University program guidelines.
  • For any other injury (sprains, fractures, lacerations, etc.) that requires medical attention:
    • Please seek medical attention as soon as possible at an ER, Urgent Care Center, Private Physician’s office or the Student Health Services.

If your injury meets policy coverage guidelines, please contact Student Health Services at 305 899 3750 as soon as possible after medical care is received to schedule an appointment to complete a claim form. If you are not at the Barry University main campus please contact Student Health Services to request a claim form.

You will be responsible to provide the treating facility with your primary insurance card and your accident insurance card. The accident plan will cover up to $5000 of medical expenses per injury, which is NOT covered by your primary insurance plan. (Exclusions may apply) The accident plan is a supplemental plan. You must have primary insurance that has been approved by hard waiver as per the Barry University guidelines.

For more details regarding the student accident insurance plan please visit and click on the link for Accident Plan Information.