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Bachelor of Science in International Studies

How do you begin to make sense of complex events in today’s global society?

Set in the multicultural center of South Florida, Barry University is the place to be if you’re headed towards a career in international relations, global politics, cultural affairs or any number of professional pursuits dealing with business, law and economics.

As an interdisciplinary major, the study of international relations involves three major components.

  • Social sciences
  • Economics and business
  • Society and culture

The first of these components, social sciences, entails studies in international relations, comparative government, and history. The second component provides basic business skills and an understanding of international economic forces. The final component develops a greater understanding of other societies and cultures.

The international studies graduate will have a wide variety of career options. Some of these include:

  • Federal government service, ranging from the Department of State to the Peace Corps
  • Private sector employment such as international banking, trade and political risk
  • Analysis
  • Service for an international organization like the United Nations the European

Union, the Organization of American States (OAS)

  • Graduate or law school

Students who are typically not United States citizens find jobs in the foreign affairs or economic development ministries of their home countries.

Internships and Study Abroad

The international studies program encourages students to complete studies abroad and/or an internship. Students have studied in Europe and Latin America. They have completed internships in numerous government agencies, international businesses, foreign consulates, embassies and international service agencies.

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