Human Resource Development (MS)

Human Resource Development (MS)

HRD opens a world of opportunity!

Staying competitive in today’s economy is essential to any organization. Providing opportunities for training and development is crucial in recruiting and retaining employees who contribute to business growth. Training specialists and human resource development managers often assess employees’ skills and an organization’s overall quality of work, meet with corporate leadership to determine appropriate trainings, and evaluate their effectiveness.

The need for effective employees is evident by the job outlooks projections by the US Department of Labor. They report that employment of training and development managers is expected to grow faster than the average. Job prospects should be best for those with a master’s degree and related work experience in training and development, management, or a related field. The median annual wage of training and development managers was $95,400 in 2015.

Human Resource Development

The Human Resource Development master’s degree gives you the skills to change and improve workplace performance through the development of people and processes.

You will explore ethical leadership from a strategic perspective with the assumption that organizational effectiveness is linked to learning at the individual, group, and organizational levels.

Throughout the Human Resource Development graduate program, you will address questions like, “How do adults learn?” “How are adults motivated” “How do people deal with change in their workplace?” “How is training designed and implemented within the organization?”

  • How do adults learn?
  • How are adults motivated?
  • How do people deal with change in their workplace?
  • How is training designed and implemented within the organization?

You will draw from work/life experiences to analyze organizational communication, apply systems thinking and plan strategic team based learning interventions. Using a “performance through learning” approach, this degree develops your ability to think analytically and to lead change in increasingly global and complex environments. You will acquire knowledge, skills and abilities to be a change agent within your organization by understanding organizational development and change management.

If you would like to continue your education, Barry offers an EdD in Human Resource Development.

Dr. David M. Kopp with Dr. Shaquille O'Neal at the May 5th commencement at Barry University

Dr. Shaquille O’Neal seen above being hooded by Associate Dean Dr. David M. Kopp.

Former NBA player, Dr. Shaquille O’Neal was hooded in 2013 with his EdD in Organizational Learning and Leadership with a specialization in Human Resource Development.

For videos of the Shaq's graduate press conference, click here

Associated Press - Shaq Earns Doctorate Degree in Education in Fla.

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