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  • Business

    Undergraduate Programs

    Whether you’re planning on owning a business, working for a small to mid-size business, or being part of a large corporation, Barry University’s Andreas School of Business will prepare you for success.

  • Business

    Public Administration (BPA)

    The Bachelor of Public Administration (BPA) degree is of special interest to the working professional in the public and nonprofit sectors, and those individuals who want to pursue a career in the public and nonprofit sectors. The purpose of the Bachelor of Public Administration degree is to provide the student with an understanding of theory and practice essential for good governance.

  • Business

    Business Administration, MBA

    Comprehensive program designed to provide students with a global business perspective and tools for intelligent problem solving by using best practices and contemporary methodologies. MBA specializations in marketing, accounting, finance, health service administration, international business and management.

  • Business

    Public Administration (MPA)

    The Master of Public Administration (MPA) Program at Barry University focuses on research and scholarship in the public and nonprofit sectors. Scholarship is the pursuit of knowledge and truth, which resonates with the authentic Dominican heritage of our institution.

  • Business

    Sport Management (MS)

    The Master of Science (MS) Degree in Sport Management combines both theory and practice to prepare you for opportunities in management in a variety of sport, recreation, and health promotion areas (e.g., arena and dome management; amateur and professional sports; high school and college athletics; resort and tourism industries; parks and recreational centers; fitness and wellness centers; etc.).

  • Business

    Emergency Management (BS)

    The Bachelor of Science in Emergency Management is designed for current emergency management professionals, individuals interested in promotion in a related-field, or those interested in entering the field.

  • Business

    Public Administration Certificate

    The Public Administration Post-Baccalaureate Certificate program provides you with an understanding and real-world applications of the principles essential to the effective management of public agencies. The program consists of seven courses and is designed for students with a bachelor's degree in a field other than public administration.

  • Business

    Post-Graduate Certificate Programs

    We offer postgraduate certificate programs in Accounting, International Business, Health Services Administration, Management, Marketing, and Finance.

General Information Andreas School of Business

Our mission is to deliver high quality education that will enable our students to succeed as responsible business practitioners and leaders.

We strive to develop in our students a strong sense of ethics, social responsibility, and an entrepreneurial attitude with a global perspective.

We are committed to excellent teaching, engaged learning, and collaboration with our community. Our intellectual contributions emphasize practical applications, with our faculty also engaging in theoretical and empirical research and instructional development.

We operate in a highly cosmopolitan, multicultural setting, with students from around the world, as part of a Catholic, international university, and we function as a collaborative, inclusive community of caring faculty, staff, and students in the tradition of the Adrian Dominicans.

We offer a student-friendly, caring environment. Our international diversity allows our students to study the global business environment and experience it on a daily basis, in a dynamic and vibrant center of global trade and finance. We are positioned as the only institution in South Florida that strives to meet the most rigorous international standards while still offering all the attractions of a small, private school (including small class size, an accessible faculty whose first responsibility is teaching, and the ability to respond quickly to the evolving needs of our students and the business community).

We aim to become known as the school of choice for students desiring a truly international, high-quality, ethically-based education in a uniquely diverse, exciting yet intimate environment.

What makes our school unique:


    Small class sizes

    Program Flexibility

    Program Flexibility

    Experiential Learning

    Hands-on Experience

    Books School

    Academic Support

  • Classes

    Small class sizes

  • Program Flexibility

    Program Flexibility

  • Experiential Learning

    Hands-on Experience

  • Books School

    Academic Support


  • Values

    Integrity and Honesty

    Integrity is the "quality or state of being of sound moral principle; uprightness; honesty; and sincerity" (Webster's New World Dictionary). Similarly, honesty is thought of as the quality of being truthful and trustworthy. When combined, especially in an academic environment, this means we will not compromise the truth, being vigilant to ensure the truth of knowledge perseveres, and that decisions will be made on the basis of what is good for all constituencies.

  • Student Cap

    Academic Excellence

    We will make decisions regarding program offerings, faculty selection, and reward systems on the basis of whether the outcome of the decision will ultimately enhance the quality of learning provided to the student. Emphasis will be on quality of content and quality of presentation.

  • Inclusive Community

    Diversity, Individual Dignity, and Mutual Respect

    The Andreas School of Business represents a rich tapestry of differences: nationality, gender, religion, age. This richness is experienced in the classroom as well as in the interaction of colleagues. The effect is a quality which impacts on all: student, faculty, staff, and all those with whom they come into contact. Differences generated from diversity require a respect for those differences; the uniqueness and preciousness of these qualities will be respected and protected. The respect of each other's dignity leads to a climate of mutual respect: we will respect and defend the right to have contrasting opinions.

  • Continuous Improvement

    Continuous Improvement

    We will strive to always place the target of quality in front of us rather than behind us. We will be sensitive to the needs of our constituencies and make those adjustments in our efforts so as to maintain integrity of quality while continuously striving for a better product.

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Dr. Bogdan Daraban

Bogdan Daraban, Ph.D. Dean

Welcome to Barry!

“I am honored to serve as the dean of the D. Inez Andreas School of Business and I want to personally thank you for visiting the School of Business. ”

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  • Business

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    Kristy Singletary, Accounting and Marketing graduate of the Barry University Andreas School of Business, offers tips on how to survive and thrive in a crisis in Authority Magazine profile.

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    Several Projects Contribute To Business School's Community Engagement Success May 20, 2021

    The Andreas School of Business is a 2021 winner of a community engagement award at Barry University.

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    Take Advantage Of Our Barry Lifelong Learning Discount June 29, 2020

    Business grads, did you know you can obtain more degrees for Barry at a discounted price?

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    Connect With Us... February 12, 2020

    The Barry University D. Inez Andreas School of Business is thrilled to announce our LinkedIn page.

AACSB International Accreditation

Barry University’s Andreas School of Business is accredited by AACSB International—the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. The AACSB is the world's premier accrediting agency for business administration programs and recognizes all of our graduate and undergraduate programs.

That means you will graduate from a business school that meets thestandards of distinguished programs worldwide and provides every qualification to ensure your success as a business leader. You will grow and learn from highly experienced, accessible faculty only — not teaching assistants — in a classroom with an average of 20 fellow students. For more information, visit

AACSB International

Barry is the only university in South Florida and Catholic university in the state or southeastern U.S. that is AACSB-accredited.

What it means to be accredited:

  • Instructor

    Best of the Best

    AACSB-accredited schools have the highest-caliber instructors that will offer you the leading-edge courses and programs that businesses look for when hiring leaders.

  • Collaborative Service

    Career-building Network

    You can build partnerships with business educators to co-create and solve some of today’s most challenging issues in your chosen industry.

  • Certificate

    Seal of Approval

    When you see an institution display the AACSB accreditation seal, you can be confident that the school is committed to continually improving the quality of the education it offers—preparing you to succeed in your career.

  • Barry 2

    Values and Mission

    AACSB values quality, diversity and inclusion, global mindset, ethics, social responsibility, and community. It's mission is to foster engagement, accelerate innovation, and amplify impact in business education.

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Academics Program Offerings

The School offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) degree with five challenging majors you can choose from, along with a Bachelor of Science in Sport Management and Business Administration. At the graduate level, you can choose our Master of Business Administration (MBA) with six specializations – including the option for a double degree from an international partner, the Master of Science in Accounting (MSA). Additionally, we offer a Master of Science in Sport Management or a dual degree option with a Master of Business Administration.

We strive to maintain the most rigorous standards while providing you with an intimate setting that is dynamic and conducive to learning. The School of Business is accredited by AACSB - International (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), which has been described as the “gold standard of accreditation” for business schools. Our holistic approach to business education results in a challenging academic experience that stimulates you to grow and become a responsible business practitioner and leader.

School of Business Information Sessions

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  • Admissions Business and Leadership Graduate Programs Info Session

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  • Admissions Business and Leadership Graduate Programs Info Session

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School of Business Faculty

Barry's small, interactive business classes are led by scholarly, full-time faculty, of which more than 90% hold doctoral degrees. The ASB faculty have a unique combination of international diversity and cultures. Our faculty also have business experience with firms such as Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, McDonalds, and Harris Corporation.
These seasoned mentors will work side-by-side with you, teaching you how to negotiate, manage successfully, and become effective leaders in today's rapidly changing business arena.

Hands-on Experience Experiential Learning

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