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Awards and Honors Distinguished Alumni Awards

Since 2007, Barry University has paid tribute to outstanding graduates via the Distinguished Alumni Awards, the highest and most prestigious honor that Barry bestows upon its graduates. The awards are presented to select Barry graduates who have made significant contributions to their professions and/or community, and who consistently demonstrate Barry’s Core Commitments of Knowledge and Truth; Inclusive Community, Social Justice, and Collaborative Service through their daily lives.

Join us on Wednesday, November 8 to celebrate the achievements of six outstanding Barry University alumni who are civic and business leaders in their communities.

The 2023 Distinguished Alumni Awards are presented by:

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Alumni Relations Welcome to Barry University Alumni!

You might leave the Barry campus, but Barry never leaves you. Your Alumni Relations team is here to keep you connected to the University and to your fellow alumni. Here you’ll find ways to engage with Barry through a wide variety of programs and benefits. You can reminisce about traditions like Founders’ Week or the Festival of Nations or create new memories during alumni events like Homecoming. You can share your news with each other and support the Barry mission, staying in touch with old friends and making new friends.

You also have the opportunity to be a part of Barry’s present and future in numerous meaningful ways. You might mentor a student, participate in campus activities or serve on the Alumni Board of Directors. You can support the University’s strategic objectives through life-long learning, professional growth and development through a culture of philanthropy that enhances and supports the University’s programs and facilities. We invite you to explore this site and discover what inspires you.

Stay in touch Alumni Career Services

You carry a piece of the Barry spirit in your heart forever. We value your involvement and invite you to support your alma mater.

BUConnect Online Community

BUConnect is an exclusive and secure online platform where Barry University alumni can build or expand their professional network, reconnect with classmates, mentor students, and read about the latest news and events at Barry.

Joining BUConnect is easy. Just log in with your email address, or link your existing Facebook or LinkedIn account. Once you have set up your BUConnect profile, you’ll have the flexibility to configure what you would like to keep public and private, thus giving you complete control of your own data.

When you join BUConnect you can:

  • Find, connect and network with more than 70,000 Barry University alumni
  • Learn about events, career and mentoring opportunities, and other important news
  • Reconnect with old classmates and friends and share what’s new in your lives
  • And much more!
Get Connected

You now have a brand new way to connect and network with your fellow Barry alumni all over the world.

Students Student Alumni Association

The Office of Alumni Relations is proud to support a very special group of Barry Proud students within the university's very own student alumni association, the Barry University Student Alumni Association (BUSAA).

The Barry University Student Alumni Association (BUSAA) is designed to further enhance the affinity relationship between Barry University and its future graduates, by instilling a sense of pride and community amongst the current student body and constituency of Alumni.

Members will act as advocates for the University where they will continually work to promote and live out its mission on campus and in the community.

In return, BUSAA members will be aided in their quest for professional knowledge, networking opportunities, and personal development along their path to graduation.

Joining Barry's Student Alumni Association is easy! Simply email the Director of Alumni Relations for more information. Prospective members are welcome to attend one of the regular BUSAA meetings to learn more before joining. There is an opportunity at each BUSAA meeting for new members to be inducted

Join Today

“To prepare future graduates for a life after commencement enriched with personal and professional skills, connections, and experiences, as well as an everlasting bond with their alma mater developed, through interactions with Barry University students, faculty, staff, and most importantly - our Alumni.”

Student Alumni Association Benefits

BUSAA helps to focus upon the “finish line” that is graduation by keeping members mindful of their futures as Barry alumni. Our members have exclusive access to mentoring programs, membership appreciation events, interactive gatherings with the Alumni Association, complimentary Barry gear, as well as a number of leadership opportunities within the organization and outside projects.
BUSAA makes it possible for members to develop their networking and leadership skills while serving the Barry community.
  • Our goal is to inspire our students to remain Barry Proud by facilitating meaningful relationships and experiences with alumni. We pride ourselves on the extensive outreach of the Barry community and continually urge our alumni to do their part in positively impacting the student experience.

  • Every college student deserves to get the most out of their experience here at Barry. One of the best ways to ensure this type of satisfaction at Barry is to participate in its traditions, several of which are connected to BUSAA. As BUSAA members, students have the opportunity to showcase their Barry Pride, engage in Barry's rich legacy of philanthropy, and build relationships between current students and alumni.

  • BUSAA students may choose to join one of two committees, including the Scholarship and Philanthropy Committee.

    Philanthropic Activities: One of the primary functions of the Scholarship and Philanthropy Committee is to demonstrate Barry's commitment to collaborative service. Committee members are charged with developing programs of their choosing to support community initiatives. The committee may choose, for example, to hold a clothing or food drive and enlist the participation of Barry students, faculty, and staff.

    Thank-a-Thon: Because so many of our students rely on the generosity of our alumni, it is only natural that BUSAA members and the wider student body should want to show their thanks. To honor and recognize the contributions made by alumni, committee members also assist with Thank-a-Thon, an annual event during which students send personal thank-you-notes to the alumni who have made an investment in the futures of Barry University students.

  • BUSAA members who are particularly interested in building connections with alumni may wish to consider joining the Alumni Engagement Committee. Members of this committee serve as student ambassadors and/or hosts at Alumni Association events, such as Networking with the Pros and Alumni Reunion Weekend. In their roles as ambassadors and hosts, students have the opportunity to meet numerous alumni from various fields. Committee members are also encouraged to suggest other ways to engage with Barry University alumni.

  • Dinner for Ten Buccaneers is a growing tradition here at Barry, where students are afforded the opportunity to interact with alumni within a relaxed, casual setting. . As part of this series, an alumna or alumnus will invite a group of 10-12 students to dinner, often in their own homes, to share advice and words of wisdom in an informal setting. Students will be invited to apply as dinners are scheduled.

  • Each year, the Offices of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving host Networking with the Pros, in collaboration with the Career Development Center. Networking with the Pros is the largest networking event of the year, featuring a keynote speaker and dozens of alumni from a variety of fields. Alumni are available during the event to answer questions about their fields and some even serve as recruiters for their businesses. This event provides an excellent opportunity to BUSAA members seeking to further their professional development.

Student Alumni Association Alumni Association Scholarship Program

One of the most important and rewarding activities of the Barry University Alumni Association is awarding scholarships to deserving students through the Alumni Association Scholarship Program. We are pleased to continue with this tradition for the thirty-third year.

Recipients for both scholarships will be announced in May of each year. Students may review eligibility requirements and due dates and submit an application through the Barry University Scholarship System. The Alumni Association offers two types of awards:

Serve Volunteer Opportunities

By becoming an active alumni volunteer, you can give back, pay it forward and make a lasting impact on the campus, for future Barry students and for fellow alumni. 

Alumni volunteers play an invaluable role in everything from recruiting new students to planning alumni events.

Become an Alumni Volunteer

Here are some ways for you to get involved:

  • The Alumni Board of Directors governs the Barry University Alumni Association. These volunteer leaders help engage alumni, raise money for student scholarships and build stronger affinity to their alma mater.

    If you are interested in learning more about joining the Alumni Board of Directors, please call Alumni Relations at 305-899-3175 or email us:

  • A brighter future for Barry students and recent graduates could start with you. When you become a mentor and share your insight and professional guidance, you fulfill our Core Commitment of collaborative service. You also could work with the Career Development Center, our colleges and schools to share your expertise, advice and career success stories as a speaker at workshops, seminars, panel discussions and networking events, on campus or in your local area.  

  • Follow and share our social media channels. Help spread Barry pride by sharing messages, videos and posts from Barry with your social networks.

  • You can connect with your classmates on a personal level to help plan and generate enthusiasm about Homecoming and other events and a desire to reach fundraising goals.

  • Be an integral part of alumni festivities by assisting with the planning and execution of events during Homecoming or other events hosted by the Office of Alumni Relations throughout the year.

  • You can help students make informed decisions about their university choices and inspire future Buccaneers through shared personal stories and professional achievements. Our alumni ambassadors also assist the Office of Admissions with outreach and sharing their Barry experience during student recruitment activities, such as local college fairs, and phone calls to admitted students.

2023-2024 Alumni Board of Directors

The Alumni Board of Directors governs the Barry University Alumni Association. These volunteer leaders help engage alumni, raise money for student scholarships and build stronger affinity to their alma mater.

Each member of the newly elected Board of Directors must serve on at least one committee a year during their three year term of office. The committees include: Engagement & Events, Mentorship, Membership & Recruitment, and Scholarship

Contact our Office

Show your Barry Pride Purchase a Barry University License Plate

Who knew your license plate could have such an impact? Purchasing a Barry license plate in the State of Florida is as easy and convenient as purchasing the standard issue plate, and anyone who registers their vehicle in the State of Florida is eligible.

For just $25 in addition to your regular plate cost, you can support our Alumni of Tomorrow Scholarship Fund. A majority of the funding for our scholarship program comes from the Barry License Plate Program.

Learn More

A Barry University license plate is a great way to show your Barry spirit. Stop by your local tag agency or tax collector anywhere in the state.

Alumni Relations Our Mission and Purpose

The Office of Alumni Relations works to advance the mission of the Barry University Alumni Association in supporting the University's strategic objectives by engaging its global alumni community in life-long learning, professional growth and development, while promoting a culture of philanthropy to enhance and support the University's programs and facilities.

The purpose of the Alumni Association is to establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships between the University, its alumni and current students worldwide. This office works closely with the Alumni Association’s Board of Directors to engage and link alumni with current students and the University, through a wide variety of programs and benefits that foster a spirit of allegiance, participation and continuing life-long commitment to the University.  

Core Commitments

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    Knowledge and Truth

    Barry promotes and supports the intellectual life, emphasizing life-long learning, growth and development. The University pursues scholarly and critical analysis of fundamental questions of the human experience. In the pursuit of truth, the University advances development of solutions that promote the common good and a more humane and just society.
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    Inclusive Community

    Barry is a global, inclusive community characterized by interdependence, dignity and equality, compassion and respect for self and others. Embracing a global world view, the University nurtures and values cultural, social and intellectual diversity, and welcomes faculty, staff, and students of all faith traditions.
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    Collaborative Service

    Barry is committed to serving local and global communities through collaborative and mutually productive partnerships. The University accepts responsibility to engage with communities to pursue systemic, self-sustaining solutions to human, social, economic and environmental problems.
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    Social Justice

    Barry expects all members of our community to accept social responsibility to foster peace and nonviolence, to strive for equality, to recognize the sacredness of Earth, and to engage in meaningful efforts toward social change. The University promotes social justice through teaching, research and service.

Alumni Relations Meet the Team

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