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Barry University Strategic Plan 2023-28

Barry University Strategic Plan

Vision for 2023-28 Strategic Plan

Over the next five years, Barry University will advance our national recognition by offering students access, opportunity, and broad-based support in their pursuit of academic achievement and personal growth leading to professional success.

As an agile, resilient, and innovative institution, Barry University will deliver undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs that emphasize experiential learning to meet student needs, respond to market conditions, and address critical societal challenges.

In keeping with our Dominican values, Barry University will promote justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion across the curriculum, campus life, and university operations to foster a learning environment where students play an active role in their own education and graduates serve as leaders in their communities and their fields.

Strategic priorities

For context, the plan can be visualized as a “house,” where the foundation incorporates the university’s mission, core values, and complete commitment to Community Engagement and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; four pillars represent broad areas of focus for specific initiatives (Recruitment & Enrollment; Student Success & Engagement; Academic Excellence; and Revenue & Resource Development); and the roof captures current strategic priorities for the institution to include all of the goals, objectives, and strategies for each of the pillars.

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