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Learn what it takes to manage public agencies

Public Administration (BPA)

Looking to pursue a career that truly makes an impact? By learning the theory and practice behind good governance, a degree in Public Administration at Barry University offers a range of benefits that will prepare you to lead in today’s complex world. With courses covering areas such as policy analysis, organizational management, finance, and leadership, you’ll develop the competencies needed to excel. And with an emphasis on experiential learning, you’ll participate in practical projects, and fieldwork placements. What’s more, our BPA program will instill in you a strong commitment to ethical leadership and social responsibility. 

Designed for optimum flexibility for working professionals, all courses are offered in a hybrid format so that students will have an opportunity to attend live online sessions during 7-week courses. While maintaining full access to professors, this flexibility enables working professionals and non-traditional students to pursue their degrees without disrupting their work-life balance.  

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If you enjoy working with people, assessing qualitative and quantitative data, developing, and implementing policy, and providing valuable and ethical support to others, a public administration degree may offer an ideal education as you pursue careers in public agencies and services, healthcare administration, non-profits, and more.

Program Highlights

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    Broad Overview

    The BPA program teaches you how public administrators create and implement policies to help build and strengthen communities. You will master techniques for measuring and improving productivity in public organizations.

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    Comprehensive Curriculum

    Required major courses include Values and Ethics in Public Administration; Public Budget and Finance; and Administrative Law and Practice. Courses like these offer a good overview of important aspects of public work.

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    Career Opportunities

    A BPA provides an ideal background for students interested in pursuing careers in the police force, fire service, public safety, governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, management in public health institutions, and more.

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    Contemporary Focus

    Learn about contemporary issues in public safety, including the roles of fire prevention and suppression, emergency medical practice and transportation, police protection, community policing, public safety departments, and collective bargaining.

Experiential Learning Portfolio (ELP)

You may not have been in a classroom for a while, but you have never stopped learning. Your professional and community activities are valuable. The portfolio program allows you to translate your real-life learning into college credit. 

You may earn up to 30 credits by demonstrating college-level learning in one or more of the following academic disciplines: administration, behavioral sciences, communication, humanities, natural sciences, social sciences and five special topics. Please see your advisor for additional information.

Adult Learner FAQs Experiential Learning Portfolio Presentation

Thousands of Barry University adult students have completed portfolios and considered this experience time and cost effective as well as personally rewarding.

Here are what three students said about their portfolio experience:

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    Student 1

    "You know, it sort of gave me more pep in my step and actually gave me a sense of accomplishment and pride. It also made me realize how marketable I am. It did, it did a lot of things for me but it really gave me a sense of empowerment."
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    Student 2

    "It really made me stop and think. It reinforced my belief in myself. I tend to get so caught up in everyday situations that I forget that I ever did something, you know, fifteen years ago. I think the portfolio is one of the most rewarding pieces of work that I have ever done."
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    Student 3

    "The insight gained from [my] portfolio helped me to see, as the slogan goes, ‘You've come a long way baby'! in my accomplishments, achievements, [and] my development. A degree with a portfolio makes you assess your professional life; without a portfolio, you just know your academic strengths, but you don't know your professional strengths."

Top Stories

  • Barry Alumna Ruth Forbes appointed as first female CEO of FortisTCI. July 14, 2021

    Ruth Forbes, a Barry alumna and a Turks and Caicos Islands native, has been chosen to succeed FortisTCI President & CEO Eddinton Powell and become the first woman at the head of the company

School of Business and Public Administration Faculty

Barry's small, interactive business classes are led by scholarly, full-time faculty, of which more than 90% hold doctoral degrees. The ASB faculty have a unique combination of international diversity and cultures. Our faculty also have business experience with firms such as Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, McDonalds, and Harris Corporation.

These seasoned mentors will work side-by-side with you, teaching you how to negotiate, manage successfully, and become effective leaders in today's rapidly changing business arena.

Applying to Barry University

Barry University uses an online, interactive process called myBarry, allowing students to conveniently start their application process, ask pending questions, request more information on academic programs, and much more.

You can rest assured knowing your Admission team and resources found in your personalized myBarry will guide you through the entire admissions process.

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There is no application fee when you apply online.

Financial Aid Affordable for you.

If you’re a full-time, degree-seeking undergraduate, you may qualify for our merit-based scholarships with awards up to $17,000, based on your cumulative GPA and standardized test scores. Scholarships are available for freshmen (including test optional), transfers, international, DACA, and Dreamer applicants. Using your admissions application, we automatically determine your eligibility.

More than 90% of our students receives some form of financial assistance. Apply to see if you qualify for a full array of federal and state financial aid programs. Just submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Complete it as soon as possible since funds may be limited. Barry's federal school code is 001466. 

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