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Undecided about a major?

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General Information Undecided about a major?

That’s not unusual. At Barry University, 10 percent of entering, first-year students are undecided about a major and 45 percent of entering, first-year students change their major at least once.

Maybe you are interested in a few areas or careers. You may know what career you want to pursue, but don’t know what area of study or coursework would best prepare you. Or maybe you are 95% certain of your major, but are concerned you may change your mind.

This page will help answer some of your questions and tell you about the support Barry University offers as you go through the process of choosing a major. If you need more information, you can always follow-up with an on-line question or you can contact your admissions counselor at 305-899-3100 (toll-free 1-800-695-2279) or email

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Discover your Calling Suggestions to help you choose a major

Finding the career that’s right for you can be overwhelming. Luckily, the Career Development Center at Barry offers workshops and online assessment tools to make it easier for you. 


At Discover Your Calling workshops you can chat with industry professionals to explore your passions and pick the path best fit for you. Keep an eye out for upcoming events, both virtual and on-campus!

  • Take introductory courses in areas that interest you. Barry offers introductory courses in Theatre, Computers, Organic/Biological Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, Sociology, Criminology, Philosophy, Business, Education, and Social Work, as well as a Foundations course in Sport and Exercise Sciences.
  • Take an interest inventory such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and the Strong Interest Inventory. Counselors in Barry’s Office of Career Services will administer these inventories and review the results with you. Combined with an assessment of your values and goals, the results may assist you by providing specific direction or by taking some areas out of consideration.
  • Attend the many activities held by Barry’s Career Services, including the Career Fair in the spring.
  • Enroll in ORI 100. This one-credit Freshman Seminar helps you improve your study and time management skills. You will also hear from a number of guest speakers who may help you better define your interests.
  • Attend any information sessions offered for majors you are interested in or speak to the program director for that area.
  • Speak to your personal academic advisor. As an undecided student, you will have an academic advisor within the College of Arts and Sciences. Your application information and educational history will be evaluated so that we can place you with a compatible advisor. Your advisor will guide you in your choice of coursework up until that time when you choose a major. Once you choose a major and are accepted to that major, a new advisor will be assigned.

Undecided Frequently Asked Questions

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