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The Juvenile Justice Center at Barry University School of Law was founded in 2007 through a generous grant from the Eckerd Family Foundation. The purpose of the Center is to improve the advocacy of children in delinquency court in Florida. We are here to assist lawyers across Florida with training, case law updates, practice guides and consultation services.


Florida Assessment:
National Juvenile Defender Center visited Florida and did an assessment of the juvenile’s access to counsel and the quality of representation throughout the State of Florida in delinquency proceedings.

Florida Blueprint Commission Report:
After six statewide hearings, the Blueprint Commission created a report of recommendations to improve the juvenile justice system.

Getting Smart About Juvenile Justice In Florida 
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Mission Statement

The Juvenile Justice Center is committed to equality and justice through zealous advocacy for children in the delinquency system. The Center is devoted to improving the quality of representation through training, networking and consulting with law students, public defenders and those in the legal field  that represent children.  The Center works to create dramatic reform in  the juvenile justice field in Florida with an emphasis on improvements in the quality of representation of children in the delinquency system, lasting positive impacts in legislation and a vision that juvenile delinquency representation is a specialized discipline.