Center for Earth Jurisprudence

Center for Earth Jurisprudence

The Center for Earth Jurisprudence (CEJ) is located at Barry University School of Law. Its mission is to advance legal principles, laws, policies and governance that reflect a transformative Earth-centered framework that supports the health and well-being of all of Earth’s inhabitants.

Founded in 2006, CEJ advances legal approaches that enhance mutual and interdependent relationships with ecosystems and natural processes that sustain life. Earth jurisprudence recognizes the need for new legal and economic systems that consider the complex and interdependent relationships, interests, natural processes, intrinsic value and limited capacity of nature to renew itself. CEJ strives to develop both a philosophy and practice of law that respect the natural world, recognize humans as integral members of the wider community, and advocates for broader legal protection of the ecosystems and natural processes so that they can coexist, flourish and evolve.

CEJ fulfills its mission by designing and teaching law school curricula, offering educational programs, providing publications, and networking with other partners in providing legal analysis and proposed policies. CEJ participates in strategic alliances with other environmental and community-based organizations, scientists, lawyers, philosophers, engineers, indigenous peoples, artists, and people of faith to promote increased legal protection of nature.

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