Faculty Listing

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Name Title E-Mail
Ahlers, Glen-PeterProfessor of Lawgahlers@barry.edu
Aschenbrenner, KateAssistant Professor of Law
Immigration Clinic
Bendlin, SusanAssociate Professor of Lawsbendlin@barry.edu
Birdsong, LeonardProfessor of Lawlbirdsong@barry.edu
Bittakis, MeganAssociate Professor of Lawmbittakis@barry.edu
Coco, Linda E.Associate Professor of Lawlcoco@barry.edu
Day, TerriProfessor of Lawtday@barry.edu
Deming, RachelAssistant Professor of Lawrdeming@barry.edu
Diaz, LeticiaDean
Professor of Law
Dubner, BarryProfessor of Lawbdubner@barry.edu
Frank, MitchellAssociate Professor of Lawmfrank@barry.edu
Freeman, MarshaProfessor of Lawmfreeman@barry.edu
Guerra-Pujol, F. E.Associate Professor of Laweguerra@barry.edu
Hull, HeliaAssociate Professor of Lawhhull@barry.edu
Jackson, Blair T.Visiting Assistant Professor of Lawbjackson@barry.edu
Jefferson-Jones, JamilaAssistant Professor of Lawjjefferson@barry.edu
Jonassen, FrederickAssociate Professor of Lawfjonassen@barry.edu
Jones, Thomas P.Visiting Assistant Professor of Lawtjones@barry.edu
Koehlert-Page, CathrenAssistant Professor of Lawckoehlert@barry.edu
Kolinsky, Heather M.Associate Professor of Lawhkolinsky@barry.edu
Koons, JudithProfessor of Lawjkoons@barry.edu
Latham, Darren R.Visiting Associate Professor of Lawdlatham@barry.edu
Leacock, StephenProfessor of Lawsleacock@barry.edu
Leske, KevinAssociate Professor of Lawkleske@barry.edu
Mohapatra, SeemaAssociate Professor of Lawsmohapatra@barry.edu
Moore, Karin L.Visiting Assistant Professor of Lawklmoore@barry.edu
Ngov, Eang LyAssociate Professor of Lawengov@barry.edu
O’Gorman, DanielAssociate Professor of Lawdogorman@barry.edu
Pedrioli, Carlo A.Associate Professor of Lawcpedrioli@barry.edu
Puzone, Katherine I.Assistant Professor of Lawkpuzone@barry.edu
Rooks, MarvinAssistant Professor of Lawmrooks@barry.edu
Schiavo, FrankAssociate Professor of Lawfschiavo@barry.edu
Schinasi, Lee D.Associate Professor of Lawlschinasi@barry.edu
Siemen, Sister PatAdjunct Professor of Lawpsiemen@barry.edu
Simpson-Wood,TaylorProfessor of Lawtsimpsonwood@barry.edu
Sites, BrianAssistant Professor of Lawbsites@barry.edu
Studwell, RobertaAssociate Dean of Information Services and Visiting Professor of Lawrstudwell@barry.edu
Summers, MarkProfessor of Lawmsummers@barry.edu
Whorf, Robert HAssociate Professor of Lawrwhorf@barry.edu
Witherspoon, RuthAssociate Dean for Academic Affairs
Visiting Professor of Law

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