Math 101: PACE Mathematical Foundations MOOC

Math 101: PACE Mathematical Foundations MOOC

Starts July 17, 2017 (continuous enrollment)


The PACE Mathematical Foundations MOOC is an online course designed to enhance your mathematics skills in the areas of Algebra, Geometry, Number Theory, Probability and Statistics. This MOOC, offered by the School of Professional and Career Education (PACE), is designed to help develop the skills needed to be successful in college-level mathematics. Other aspects of the Math MOOC include access to instructional videos and discussion forums with other MOOC participants. This free course does not carry credits and will not be recorded on a Barry University transcript.

Course Learning Objectives

This course is a review of basic mathematics skills. The learning objectives of this course include the ability to successfully complete the following with 70% accuracy:

  • Operations on the Real Number line, including absolute value
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of Real Numbers
  • Problems involving Natural Number factors
  • Operations involving exponents and square roots
  • Simplification of mathematical expressions and solutions to linear equations
  • Introductory geometric problems
  • Introductory statistical problems
  • Elementary probability questions

The course is designed to gauge the learner's mastery of mathematics. The student may simply elect to test their mathematical skills by taking the pre-test. For the learner who continues in the course, there are eight modules, with each of them providing demonstrations and self-assessment activities. The course is concluded with a multiple-choice final exam. Successful completion of the pre-test or the final exam will result in a certificate of completion for the student.

PACE Students

The certificate will be accepted in the School of Professional And Career Education (PACE) at Barry University as satisfactory completion of the PACE Mathematics Skills Placement Assessment. Students should present a copy of their certificate of completion to their PACE advisor as soon as it is issued or at the time of application.

The developer and instructor for this course is Dr. Carol Warner.

Successful completion of this course ensures a passing score on the PACE Mathematics Skills Assessment.

Frequently asked questions about this MOOC

This class is self-paced; progress is based on the student’s current math knowledge, motivation and goals.

To get started in this course, please visit the Course Orientation page.