Meet the Orientation Team

Meet the Orientation Leaders, or what we like to call the "O-Team". Orientation Leaders are undergraduate student leaders selected and trained to assist in New Student Orientation. They act as guides, small group leaders, mentors and resources for new incoming students and parents. They also help guide students and parents through many activities and sessions that take place during orientation. They will provide answers to any questions regarding the transition to Barry University.

Orientation Team Bios

New Student Orientation Leaders

Maureen Kelly

Name: Maureen Kelly – Team Leader
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Major: Chemistry
What I love about Barry: “Being a part of the wonderful clubs and organizations on campus.”
Involvement: Campus Activities Board and Sigma Alpha Pi

Khalifa 'Lily' Antoine

Name: Khalifa “Lily” Antoine – Team Leader
Year: Junior
Hometown: St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands
Major: Psychology
What I love about Barry: “I really enjoy the inclusivity and all the activities and events put on by the different clubs and organizations.”
Involvement: Student Organization Council, F.E.M.A.L.E.S.

Kuajuan Moore

Name: Kuajuan Moore – Team Leader
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Long Beach, CA
Major: Accounting with a Minor in Music
What I love about Barry: “Barry has provided opportunities to better myself, opportunities I never had before.”
Involvement: Campus Activities Board, Student Organization Council, M.A.L.E.S. and Alpha Delta Gamma

Alyssa Cenatus

Name: Alyssa Cenatus
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Nassau, Bahamas
Major: Communications
What I love about Barry: “I love the diversity and the community feel, I enjoy that many people on campus are friendly too!”
Involvement: Bahamian Student Association

Bethany Parada

Name: Bethany Parada
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Pomona, CA
Major: Undecided
What I love about Barry: “I like the organization, people, classes, and professors.”
Involvement: Latin American Student Association and Pinky Promise

Devin Plaskett

Name: Devin Plaskett
Year: Junior
Hometown: Richmond, VA
Major: Biology
What I love about Barry: “Meeting new people and making friends from all over”
Involvement: Black Student Union

Emmanuella Clergeau

Name: Emmanuella Clergeau
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Boston, MA
Major: Biology
What I love about Barry: “Small class sizes”
Involvement: F.E.M.A.L.E.S.

Lorimar 'Lori' Siino

Name: Lorimar “Lori” Siino
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Ponce, Puerto Rico
Major: Sports Management
What I love about Barry: “The networking opportunities and the various clubs to get involved with.”
Involvement: Phi Sigma Sigma, Student Government Association, Campus Activities Board, and Barry Newspaper

Patrick Murray

Name: Patrick Murray
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Miami Beach, FL
Major: Applied Sport and Exercise Science
What I love about Barry: “The people and the size of the university”
Involvement: GYM is life!

Shanika Moround

Name: Shanika Moround
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Orlando, FL
Major: Finance
What I love about Barry: “The diversity and small class sizes”
Involvement: Student Management Investment Fund

Stephanie I. Rolle

Name: Stephanie I. Rolle
Year: Junior
Hometown: Freeport, Bahamas
Major: Computer Information Science
What I love about Barry: “The leadership opportunities that the small school community provides me with student involvement.”
Involvement: Student Government Association, Bahamian Student Association and Alpha Phi

Whitney Aikens

Name: Whitney Aikens
Year: Junior
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Major: History and Political Science
What I love about Barry: “I love how most professor have a open-door policy and the many networking opportunities presented on campus.”
Involvement: Alpha Phi, Campus Activities Board, Smart Talks, Phi Alpha Delta

Yuleika F. Nunez

Name: Yuleika F. Nunez
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Dalton, GA
Major: International Studies with a Minor in French
What I love about Barry: “Networking Opportunities, Diversity, and home feeling.”
Involvement: Emerging Leaders, Barry Model United Nations, and Bridging the Gap.